New Swift Command Intelligent Control System


Swift Command by the Swift Group is the new exclusive intelligent system that keeps you connected to your Caravan or Motorhome, even when you're miles away, giving Swift owners more control over the Caravan than ever before.

Swift Command has been developed in collaboration with one of the Swift Groups key suppliers, Sargent Electrical. The Swift Command control system encompasses a new intelligent power supply unit, with a SMART LCD control panel that allows viewing of enhanced system information and related functions.

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Swift Command is now available across all Swift and Sprite Caravans and through the use of some clever technology makes it easy to manage, monitor and control your onboard systems.

Swift Command can be accessed in 3 ways, either using Bluetooth from inside the caravan, via Internet connection, or by manually using the LCD touch display. Manual control gives users access to additional settings that provide ever finer levels of control. In order to tap into the Command system a dedicated Swift Command App has been created that can be easily installed on your smart phone or tablet device.

Swift Command is the most advanced control system available anywhere and offers Swift and Sprite Caravan owners unrivalled convenience compared to other Caravan brands. So what does it all mean exactly? Take a look at the following list of essential on-board systems accessible using Swift Command:

  • Control the water pump and view tank information
  • Control the heating, set the timer and configure the power source
  • Manage your system power, select the battery or enable the current limiter
  • Control your lighting and adjust dimmer levels
  • Jump to the remote app to locate your vehicle, review past locations, remotely view system levels & information, view system historical data and contact your dealer

Picture you and your family out and about in the countryside or sightseeing miles away form the Caravan park where you're staying. Suddenly the weather takes a turn for the worse and temperature begins to fall, it's early evening and you decide to head back to the campsite. Using the Swift Command App it's possible to connect to the control system and turn on the heating, so when you arrive back on-site the caravan is warm and comfortable. While you're at it, why not turn on and adjust the dimmer lighting, there's no need to fumble for the light switch when you arrive back. With Swift Command, you can even adjust the temperature of the Caravan in the morning, without ever getting out of bed.

It also makes it possible to track system levels like power, temperature, and humidity and even monitor the location of your caravan - now that's magic!

Swift Command Tracker by Sargent

For 2017 there is also the addition of the newly incorporated Thatcham Category 6 approved proactive tracker that can be monitored via the Swift Command App. The Swift Command Tracker by Sargent is monitored by an approved monitoring centre, which operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week, providing European coverage and direct police liaison. To enable Swift Command Tracker a small annual subscription charge is levied, which at the time of writing is only £99.00.

Swift Command App User Guide

Download a copy of the Swift Command Intelligent Control System for some great insight on this amazing innovation from the Swift Group.

Swift Command is now supplied as standard on all new Sprite and Swift Caravans including Swift Basecamp!

Download PDF


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