2016 Kampa Caravan AIR Inflatable Awnings - Range Overview


Kampa is a company of great ideas, a dynamic and creative thinker with its own unique approach to product development. The 2016 Kampa Caravan Awning range is the culmination of over 35 years experience in awning R&D.

One of Kampa’s great strengths is that the company truly understands the mind of the caravanner. It certainly helps when the company owner has first hand experience caravanning and over the years has personally faced many of the issues faced by the caravanning community.

It is in these moments of reflection that some of the most inspirational and creative Kampa products were conceived, although I have to confess, it doesn't sound like much of a holiday!

Since the revolutionary development of the AirFrame awning the Kampa product range has continued to be refined. Kampa awnings ooze style, function and quality and their popularity continues to soar.

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Kampa AIR awnings are some of the fastest and easiest to erect with Kampa's patented 'ONE Point Inflation. The Kampa AIR awnings are the only range of awnings where all poles are linked so the whole awning is inflated including supporting AirPoles and beams, with no additional poles to inflate and insert, no metal or fibreglass poles to set up. They are the strongest and most stable AIR awnings available and with 12 individual inflatable AIR awnings to choose from, they have the most comprehensive range available in the UK and Europe.

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2016 Kampa AIR Ranges

For Kampa, there is no such thing as a perfect or complete awning. Rather, like most of creation, products exist in a permanent state of evolution. The pursuit of perfection is no more than a novel ideal and no less real than the boundary of space and time itself. If great design has a final destination it can only be, the infinite journey.

Kampa Rally AIR

The Kampa Rally AIR 2016 consists of two models, the Rally AIR 260 and Rally AIR 390. Both awnings share common features but as the name suggests the Rally AIR 390 is 390 cm wide, whereas the 260 is 260cm wide. Both awnings have enjoy a depth of 250 cm, the distance between the caravan wall and the awning front panel.

For 2016 the Rally AIR has been updated yet still retains the revolutionary features responsible for changing caravanning forever! If you have your eye on a 2016 Kampa Rally AIR awning please be assured, they remain one of the easiest caravan awnings to set up and take down on the market.

The Rally AIR 260 is the ideal awning for short breaks and weekends but for many caravanner's it is large enough for longer breaks too. AIR 260 can be inflated and completely set up in less than 4 minutes. However, inflating the AIRFrame using the supplied manual air pump takes less than sixty seconds!

If weight is a major consideration this model could be ideal for you, as it is manufactured in “Feel the Difference” 150D Weathershield material, making it the lightest awning in the Rally AIR inflatable awning range.

  • Price: £519.99
  • Weight: 15.3 kg
  • Width: 260 cm
  • Depth: 250 cm

Kampa Rally AIR 390 offers an impressive interior space that's ideal for longer holidays and yet it still only takes a few minutes to set up. This makes it an ideal choice for caravanner's who require more space for weekends and/or overnight stops.

This model gives over a 20% weight saving over the Rally AIR Pro 390 making it less heavy feed into the awning rail as well as less weight to transport.

  • Price: £639.99
  • Weight: 18.3 kg
  • Width: 390 cm
  • Depth: 250 cm

Why Buy Rally AIR over Rally AIR Pro, Fiesta AIR Pro & AIR Ace

In short this range was the original inflatable AIR awning that started the awning revolution in the UK and Europe that changed caravanning forever. This updated range offers all the advantages of patented ONE point inflation. Both sizes are exceptionally easy and quick to set up and with a depth of 250cm is larger than many other makes of inflatable awning, offering impressive interior space and quality at a very competitive price.

Kampa Rally AIR Pro

Kampa Rally AIR Pro range available in four popular sizes:

Kampa Rally AIR Pro 200

  • Price: £499.99
  • Weight: 15.9 kg
  • Width: 200 cm
  • Depth: 250 cm

Kampa Rally AIR Pro 260

  • Price: £599.99
  • Weight: 18.3 kg
  • Width: 260 cm
  • Depth: 250 cm

Kampa Rally AIR Pro 330

  • Price:£699.99
  • Weight: 19.6 kg
  • Width: 330 cm
  • Depth: 250 cm

Kampa Rally AIR Pro 390.

  • Price: £799.99
  • Weight: 23.3 kg
  • Width: 390 cm
  • Depth: 250 cm

Rally AIR Pro is quite simply, the best selling inflatable awning in the world. Now available in four different sizes Rally AIR Pro 200, Rally AIR Pro 260, Rally AIR Pro 330 and Rally AIR Pro 390 this range offers the widest choice of models in the Kampa range, designed to suit all makes and sizes of caravans and customer requirements.

For 2016 all Kampa AIR models have unimpeded access through the front panels, the base panel has been lowered so it's no longer necessary to step over it – you've asked and Kampa have listened. The front panels roll to the side or can be used “veranda” style and the 390 also has a roll up front centre panel that can also be used as a canopy by using the optional canopy poles. This fabulous range also features curtains to all windows for privacy and giving a nice quality cosy feeling inside the awning, many competitor brands are still using flimsy material blinds.

This updated series 3 version brings even more features and makes sure the Rally AIR Pro remains the world market leader. There’s a fresh new look with zip out side panels that accept an optional annexe and curtains on the side windows. The striking new skylights in the roof give a sense of spaciousness to the interior and a great view out.

The Rally AIR Pro uses Kampa’s fantastic Weathershield 300D Pro material for excellent weatherproofing and long life, but it is still light enough for easy set up and handling.

Why Buy Rally Air Pro over Rally AIR , Fiesta AIR Pro & AIR Ace

It is no surprise that this range is the worlds most popular selling inflatable awning, this classic spacious interior Kampa design offers their fantastic Weathershield 300D extra heavy duty Pro fabric which is still light enough for easy set up and handling. This range also features crystal clear windows with curtains on all windows, zip out side panels with opening doors with mesh panels and skylights in roof as well as an optional inflatable AIR annexe or poled annexe that can be fitted to either size. The Rally AIR Pro is also available in four different sizes 200, 260, 330 and 390 so there is bound to be a model and size to fit your caravan and requirements.

Kampa Fiesta AIR Pro

Kampa Fiesta AIR Pro range is the most versatile inflatable awning that will adapt to your needs. This stunning looking awning is available in three models:

Fiesta AIR Pro 280

  • Price: £549.99
  • Weight: 15.9 kg
  • Width at base: 280 cm
  • Roof Width with wings: 40 + 238 + 40 cm
  • Depth: 275 cm

Fiesta AIR Pro 350

  • Price: £599.99
  • Weight: 18.3 kg
  • Width at base: 350 cm
  • Roof Width with wings: 40 + 295 + 40 cm
  • Depth: 275 cm

Fiesta AIR Pro 420

  • Price: £699.99
  • Weight: 19.6 kg
  • Width at base: 420 cm
  • Roof Width with wings: 40 + 365 + 40 cm
  • Depth: 275 cm

Fiesta AIR awnings offer unrivalled flexibility, as both front and side panels can be zipped out and replaced with the optional annexe. Another exciting accessory option, is the front sun canopy to suit each size that simply zips into the front of the awning and is supported with strong aluminium poles.

The canvas of the Fiesta is made using exclusive Weathershield 300D Pro material, in combination with a range of high quality features and patented inflation system, makes the Fiesta AIR awning range one of the most desirable on the market. Fiesta is also the easiest inflatable awning to set up.

Why Buy Fiesta AIR Pro over Rally AIR, Rally AIR Pro & AIR Ace

The Fiesta AIR Pro range offers a different desirable style and design over other models making this range very simple and exceptionally quick to set up, in fact the easiest awning to set up ever.

Featuring Kampa's 300D extra heavy duty Pro fabric and Available in 280, 350 and 420 useful sizes there's bound to be a model that suits your needs and caravan. Fiesta AIR Pro offers great versatility with zip out front panel and side panels one side with door and mesh panel the other side panel with large window with blind, the side panels are also interchangeable if required.

The Fiesta AIR Pro also allows the very popular zip on front sun canopy option to be fitted as well as an optional annexe that can be fitted to either side or both sides. This Fiesta range is also fitted with 4mm and 6mm Keder (beading) which allows the Fiesta AIR Pro awning not only to be fitted to caravans but this range can also be fitted to the lead bar on a motorhome roll out awning such as the Fiamma F45 or Omnistor giving a very quick and easy to erect covered area.

Kampa Ace AIR

The Kampa Ace AIR range is the ultimate inflatable awning and the most sought after awning in Europe. Ace AIR is now available in three sizes:

Ace AIR 300

  • Price: £749.99
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Width: 300 cm
  • Depth: 300 cm

Ace AIR 400

  • Price: £899.99
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Width: 400 cm
  • Depth: 300 cm

Ace AIR 500

  • Price: £999.99
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Width: 500 cm
  • Depth: 300 cm

This is Kampa’s flagship range, no other inflatable awnings offer such a potent combination of style and function – you’re certain to be the envy of the caravan park.

Everything Kampa knows about awning design is incorporated within this range, that’s thirty eight years of continual awning design. The shaped panels not only look good but provide extra interior space with a depth of 300cm. Moving inside the awning, the view out is spectacular, with large panoramic windows and skylights providing plenty of light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

Why Buy Ace AIR over Rally AIR, Rally AIR Pro & Fiesta AIR Pro

It is no wonder that the Ace AIR inflatable range is the most sought after awning in Europe. No other inflatable awning offers such style whilst still being completely functional. These top of the range models incorporates all that's best in the Kampa range and is available in three sizes Ace AIR 300, 400 and 500 which offer slightly different lengths to the other Kampa models and can be complimented by the spectacular new Sun Wing canopy option which is 250cm deep and is available for each of the sizes.

The attractive shaped panels allows an awning depth of 300cm providing extra interior space over other models. The Ace AIR 500 model with it's extra length is also the perfect inflatable awning for your twin axle caravan.

Kampa Awning Accessories

In a truly entrepreneurial spirit, Kampa has developed a fabulous range of compatible AIR awning accessories that really crank up the volume, in terms of awning function and convenience.

Popular Kampa Inflatable awning accessories include Breathable Continental Carpets, Rear Pad Poles and Kampa Roof Linings. Another popular accessory is the Kampa Breeze, a two stage electric pump that removes the physical demands of the manual pump.

Kampa Hanging Rail and Organiser accessories have been designed to attach to the Kampa AccessoryTrack, which is fitted as standard to every AIR awning. These items highlight Kampa's unique creative flair for design and are effective at helping to keep the awning neat and tidy, whilst keeping items within arms reach.

SabreLink LED Lighting System

New for this year is the Kampa SabreLink 150 LED Lighting System, an exciting new lighting system that's supplied with remote control. SabreLink allows you to link together up to three LED strips - that’s 450 sunshine packed LED's!

A Rally 390 for example could have three lights along the front and another three in the centre, promising to never leave you in the dark again. Velcro tabs are fitted on all Kampa AIR awnings 2016 onwards are all SabreLink ready with Velcro tabs for easy fitting.


Hello The 390 L will fit on straight rails 390 cm, and the Ace Air 400 L will fit straight rails 400 cm. Unfortunately the Kampa Rally Air Pro 390 L is sold out for this season, but the Ace Air 400 L is still available at the moment. You could fit the 400 L on your rail , and have a small part of the beading hanging over the rail, which would be 5 cm each side. I hope this is helpful Kind Regards Steve

stephen peter wyss

Looking for a Kampa 390L air pro motor home Awaning my awaning rail is 3.90 will the new Rally Pro 400L fit?

Colin Woolley

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