Kampa 'Limpet™ Fix System' Explained


In a modern world where so many product innovations are virtual in nature, it's always refreshing to find new products and features that rely on some good old fashioned mechanical ingenuity. Kampa's new Awning to Caravan connection system Limpet is one such product.

What is Limpet?

Limpet Awning Fix SystemThe all-new Kampa Limpet™ Fix System with Patent Pending, permits safe and reliable connection between the rear wall of your Kampa AIR Awning (2017 models and onwards) and your Caravan or Motorhome. Limpet utilises professional suction that protects the vehicle surface and is extremely safe, simple and reliable to use. No more screwing, no more press studs and no more Velcro defacing the side of your vehicle.

Simply attach the Limpet through pre-cut holes in the rear of the Awning and suction fasten to a smooth surface. When used in conjunction with the Upright Rear Pad Poles (steel or aluminium sets) Kampa Awnings offer the best rear weather protection seal of any other make of Awning available.

Make Your Next Kampa Accessory Limpet™ Fix Ready

Make your next Kampa accessory 'Limpet Fix Ready’ with a growing selection of products. Not only is Limpet a groundbreaking Awning attachment system, it can also be used in conjunction with a growing list of Kampa Awning accessories. The Kampa Limpet Fix System provides safe and reliable attachment to the Caravan and Motorhome of Kampa Single & Double Wheel Arch Covers, Limpet Ready Dual Fix Draught Skirt, Organisers and the Limpet Suction Driveaway Kit. An innovative system that makes it possible to attach a Kampa driveaway awning to your Campervan without the use of press studs, or ‘J’ and ‘C’ rails. Limpet Fix Ready accessories are quick and easy to fit, and offer extremely reliable. (see related products for a full list of Limpet related products).

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Limpet Your Awning with Kampa Limpet DIY Kit

Using the new Limpet Hole Punch designed to punch precise 8mm diameter holes through most Awning and tent fabrics, ready to fit Limpet Fix System suction pads. Any pre-2017 Kampa Awning can now benefit from Limpet Fix. This system can also be used on other makes of Caravan Awnings, as well as Awning Organisers and Awning Tidies

It's entirely possible that in the not too distant future we'll see campsites in the UK and across most of Europe go, stark raving Limpet mad!

Kampa Limpet™ Fix System Info Sheet

This information sheet provides a visual aid to help understand how Kampa Limpet™ Fix System actually works and is put together.

Of course the best way to find out more is to visit our dedicated Kampa Caravan Awning Showroom in Essex. Our Accessory Showroom is about the largest in the country and well worth a visit, and open 7 days a week! Alternatively give us a call on 01255 830-229.

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Hello Thank you for your comments....(Karen) Please advise if these Limpets where purchased from ourselves as we would be very happy to supply you with replacement Limpets. You can email me on steve@homesteadcaravans.co.uk or call on 01255 830229. (Sarah) If you could advise if the wheel cover was purchased from ourselves? we would be happy to take this back if you have the full packaging and I can refund you, as we totally understand that this product will not suit if surfaces are not flat. I hope this is helpful Kind Regards Steve

Stephen Wyss (Homestead)

My husband purchased 3 packs and they keep breaking we have not been able to buy the white section of the limpets

Karen Draper

Waste of money, out van has textured sides so our new wheel cover with amazing limpet technology was useless.


Hello Thank you for your comments, we have sold this product in very big numbers, and have also used them ourselves with no issues at all, but we are very sorry to hear this has happened to you and your New Coachman Pastiche. We will forward your comments straight to Kampa . Kind Regards Steve

stephen peter wyss

We used them twice on our 2017 Coachman Pastiche . They where not overtightened as some actually slipped off but they have distorted the aluminium panel . Not fit for aluminium panels terrible product .

Alan Eland

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