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The Image range of Directional Leisure TV Aerials for Caravans and Motorhomes offer uncompromised performance without the need for a permanent through-the-roof installation. Read our Vision Plus Buyers Guide for some great insights...

These stylish and effective TV Antennas are designed for use with the Vision Plus Masts, which offer a good range of mast fitting options. As a mark of quality all Vision Plus Antennas come with a 2-Year Guarantee

We stock a comprehensive range of Televisions and Antenna for caravanning at our Essex based leisure complex – open 7 days a week.

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Image 450 UHF/VHF Digital TV & FM DAB Radio Antenna

The Image 450 UHF/VHF Digital TV & FM DAB Radio Antenna is a new concept in directional TV Aerials.

Drawing on the design of the Status Antenna, the enclosed LTE Protect log periodic design provides powerful performance, comparable with much larger antennas.

Vision Plus Image 450 Digital AntennaThe Image 450 is able to receive all UHF Digital TV and can be quickly and easily adjusted for vertical and horizontal signals. However, in order to receive FM and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), you will need to use either a Vision Plus VP3 or VP5 Variable Gain Amplifier, or suitable diplexers. A diplexer enables a single Antenna to receive unique frequencies from different transmitters.

If you don't know which way to align the Antenna when you arrive on-site, a simple way to find out is to look for clues on the rooftops as you approach your destination. If that's not possible, check on-site or you could ask the site owners.

There are 5 Vision Plus Masts, 6 if you count the extension pole (more on Masts below). Each Mast is uniquely configured for caravan and motorhome application offering a wide range of options. The Image 450 is designed for use with all available Masts in the Vision Plus Range for maximum versatility. In fact the Image 450 will combine with any 25mm diameter tube.


  • Frequency: UHF TV 470-790 Mhz
  • FM Radio 88-108 Mhz
  • DAB Radio 175-230 Mhz
  • Dimensions: 412L x 348W x 80D mm
  • Supplied with 5m Coaxial Cable with plug
  • Guarantee: 2 Year

Image 420 and 430

Both the Image 420 and Image 430 Digital Aerial incorporates the latest powerful computer designed directional antenna technology, with semi-enclosed dipoles. The level of performance provided by these Antenna would usually be expected from much larger Antenna. The design is very distinct and modern, if a little unusual and certainly compact enough to not be a burden on limited storage.

Vision Plus Image 420 and 430 Digital AntennaBoth Antenna can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position and are suitable for medium to poor reception areas. Once on-site they are quickly set-up. Its versatile pole adapter allows quick removal of the antenna and rotation for vertical and horizontal signals.

The Image 420 Digital Aerial delivers UHF television reception only but e the Image 430 Digital Aerial Incorporates specially designed telescopic antennas that receive all TV signals throughout the world, covering UHF and VHF reception. The Image 430 is also able to receive FM radio and is Channel 5 and Digital Terrestrial compatible – it's actually a very sophisticated bit of kit.

Both aerials are compatible with the Vision Plus range of Masts or any pole with 25mm diameter however, Vision Plus Mast are application ready straight out of the box and proven to work time and time again.


  • Dimensions 310 x 530 x 40mm.
  • Complete with 5 metres coaxial cable and coax plug.
  • Suits most 25mm Dia. mast designs.
  • 2 year Guarantee.
  • Digital Free to View Compatible

Image 440

The Image 440 UHF Digital TV Antenna is approved under the CAI Certification Scheme. Previously known as 'Benchmarking Scheme', it lays down the minimum standards of product performance based on specified parameters for satisfactory signal reception and network distribution.

Vision Plus Image 440 Digital Antenna

For more information about CAI Certification Scheme click here.

This aerial is easily adjusted for vertical and horizontal signals and of course, is designed to give optimum performance in poor signal areas. The 32 element array and large reflectors are easy to assemble and have superb anti-ghosting properties. The Image 440 Antenna will receive all UHF Digital and Analogue transmissions.


    • Approved under the CAI Certification Scheme
    • The 32 element array and reflectors superb anti-ghosting properties.
    • For use with all masts in the Vision Plus Range or any 25-50 mm diameter mast.
    • Frequency: UHF 470-790Mhz
    • Dimensions: 580 x 780 x 70-600mm
    • Coaxial Cable: 5 metres with Plug.

Image Complete Systems

The Vision Plus Image range is complemented by 3 complete Antenna Systems, the Image 610, 620 and 630. These are grab and go solutions for common caravan and motorhome installations, using ground spike and different mast/bracket combinations. Both kits utilise flat through-the-window cabling making the installation quick and easy without any intrusive DIY involved.

Each kit includes Antenna, Mast, Mast Bracket and Cabling (see each kit for finer details).

Image 620 - UHF Digital TV Antenna System

The Image 620 - UHF Digital TV Antenna System with Image 420 (featured separately above) Antenna is primarily designed for use with caravans and is provided with a versatile aluminium Jockey Wheel Mast Bracket. Although made specifically for use with jockey wheels it will also clamp arounf an abundance of vertical profiles including, ladders, railings and stanchions etc.. It attaches without the need to bolt or drill holes and supports any 25mm aerial pole but offers full adjustment between 20 to 48mm.

Vision Plus Image 620 Digital Antenna SystemThe supplied ground spike fits into the bottom of the Mast for soft surfaces.

Image 420 is good for horizontal and vertical signals with 3 section aluminium mast standing at 2.6m high. The Aerial comes with 5 metres of quality coaxial cable fitted with plug and flat through-the-window link cable and TV fly lead. Everything you need is in the box but in case you need to extend the Mast pole, an optional Mast is available to extend height to 3.5 metres.


  • Image 420 Antenna (UHF) + 5m Coax Cable.
  • Jockey Wheel Mast Kit.
  • Flat Through-the-Window Cable.
  • Ground Spike.
  • 3 Cable Clips.
  • TV Lead.


  • Frequency: UHF 470-790Mhz
  • Dimensions: 410L x 330W x 45D mm
  • Mast Length: 2600mm
  • Coaxial Cable: 5metres and Plug.

Image 630 - UHF VHF Digital TV & FM DAB Radio Antenna System

The Image 630 Digital Antenna System is perfect for caravanners and motorhome owners looking for an, all-in-one solution. Featuring powerful performance thanks to the inclusion of the Image 430 Antenna (featured separately above). To recap the Image 430 has a distinct semi-enclosed design that delivers UHF VHF Digital TV & FM DAB Radio and receives all TV signals throughout the world. The level of performance provided by this Antenna would usually be expected from a much larger Antenna.

Vision Plus Image 630 Digital Antenna SystemThe 630 Digital Antenna System comes with everything required straight out of the box. A key component of this system is the versatile Uni-Bracket and Uni-Plate; the bracket clamps to just about anything including, step ladders, grab handles, awning channels and rain gutters etc.. Alternatively, the self-adhesive Uni-Plate requires no drilling and is designed to fit to most vertical surfaces.

Supplied with a four section telescopic mast that simply slides together creating a mast with an adjustable height between 1.1 to 3.5 metres. A ground spike provides extra stability on soft ground.

The flat through-the-window link cable and TV fly lead links the external TV Antenna to the television and includes all connections and plugs.


  • Image 430 Antenna (UHF/VHF) + 5m Coax cable.
  • Four section telescopic mast.
  • Uni bracket and Uni Plate.
  • Ground spike.
  • 1.5m TV Fly Lead.
  • Flat Through-the-Window Cable.


  • Frequency: UHF 470-790Mhz
  • FM 88-108 Mhz
  • Dimensions: 410L x 330W x 45D mm
  • Mast Length: 3450mm
  • Coaxial Cable: 5 metres and Plug.
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