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Depending upon your vintage you might recall the Television sets of yesteryear? Drab, overweight and notoriously disobedient, the 'Box' as it was sometimes affectionately known relied on a series of oversized buttons and dials for operation. Far from being a perfect science, each channel would frequently require fine tuning and when all else failed a good thump!

Today's TV sets are a galaxy away from those days thank goodness, my arm starts to ache just thinking about holding the TV aerial as a child, while my parents were dutifully entertained! The basic list of features found on the cheapest and smallest of TV's makes televisions of old look well..., OLD!

Old fashioned TV setTV Technology continues to advance at light speed, and nowhere is this more true than with the Avtex range of leisure televisions for Caravans, Motorhomes and Boats. The changing pace of technology can be challenging for consumers when deciding which product to buy. Furthermore, it's now common for Television manufacturers to brand 'key product features' with catchy names and icon imagery to help uniquely identify their products. While such feature icons are useful to consumers, without prior knowledge of their meaning it can add to the confusion.

With this in mind we have compiled this guide to define the meaning of the various icons used by Avtex across their fantastic range of Televisions. Avtex products are available to buy on our website and at our 15,000 square foot Caravan and Outdoor Leisure Showroom in Essex.

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Avtex TV Feature Name, Icon and Description

Avtex Quick Tuning system icon


Avtex Quick Tuning system, by simply holding down the AQT button on the remote control for 3 seconds in either digital or analogue TV mode the TV will automatically tune itself in! Further with sets that have MHEG5 the added advantage is that all the digital channels are saved in the correct order! This feature is ideal for tourers, what could be simpler?

Avtex Digital TV icon

Digital TV

This symbol indicates that the TV has an integrated digital TV tuner and can receive and display Digital TV and radio channels, without the need of an external freeview set top box.

DVD Player icon

DVD Player

This symbol indicates an integrated DVD player is incorporated into the product.

CD Player icon

CD Player

This symbol indicates that the product can play compact discs.

PC Monitor icon

PC Monitor

All Avtex TV's that carry this symbol have a VGA socket allowing them to be connected to a PC and to be used as a monitor.

CI Interface icon

CI Interface

Common Interface, all sets carrying a CI slot have the capability to accept a CAM ( conditional module). This will allow you to view certain pay per view channels.

CI Plus Interface icon

CI+ Interface

Common Interface +, all sets carrying a CI+ slot have the extra capability to accept a CAM ( conditional access module) and view pay per view and subscription channels from many service providers.

USB icon


All Avtex TV's that carry this symbol have a USB socket allowing them to be connected to an external memory device to view still pictures etc..

MHEG FIVE Digital Text Icon

MHEG FIVE Digital Text

This is a very important feature, MHEG5 is the data transmission system used to transmit data alongside your digital TV signal. Digital teletext, interactive services, auto sort, (putting all the digital channels in the correct order) are just a few of the features that cannot be obtained without the presence of an integrated MHEG5 decoder. To truly experience the advantages of digital TV look for the MHEG5 symbol.

HDMI High Definition

HDMI High Definition

High Definition Multimedia Interface, this symbol is to indicate that the product has at least 1 HDMI socket allowing you to connect to and display high definition signals from an HD source.

AC and DC icon


This symbol is to indicate the product operates on both mains AC voltage and a 12 volt DC battery.

Rec icon


Products that carry this record symbol are able to record to a (USB memory stick or an external Hard Drive). Record and pause Live TV.

Satellite Symbol icon

Satellite Symbol

Products that carry this satellite symbol have a DVB-S2 high definition satellite decoder built-in.

HD Digital DVB T2 icon

HD Digital DVB-T2

HD Freeview (DVB-T2) is the next generation viewing platform available through an aerial. Only TV's with DVB-T2 built-in will receive any HD Freeview channels in addition to all the standard Free view channels, through an aerial without the need for a set top box.

DVB-T2 is DVB-T (digital video broadcast - terrestrial) 2nd generation. This latest digital broadcast platform allows broadcasters to transmit programmes in high definition (HD). Only products that are equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner can receive HD programmes through a standard aerial without the need for extra equipment.

The Avtex L168DR and L188DR model televisions feature the above tuner.


DVB-S2 is DVB-S (digital video broadcast - satellite) 2nd generation. This latest digital broadcast platform allows broadcasters to transmit programmes in high definition (HD). Products that are equipped with a DVB-S2 tuner can receive HD programmes through a satellite antenna without the need for extra equipment.

The Avtex L168DRS, L188DRS, L218DRS, L248DRS & L327TRS combine both the DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 tuners in one unit so you can enjoy programmes transmitted in HD through your satellite dish or standard aerial.


Hello Stuart Cook Thank you for the message regarding your Avtex T.V The 'S' and 'Q' Means Signal and Quality. I hope this helps, and If you require any further info please email me on : steve@homesteadcaravans.co.uk. Kind Regards Steve

steve Homestead Caravans

If I press the info button on my Avtex TV at the lower r/h side of the screen I see an s value bar and aQ value bar. I assume the s is signal strength but what does the q mean? Thanks for your help.

Stuart Cook

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