2018 Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ Review


If you are yet to join the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide already enjoying a Cadac Barbecue..., well quite frankly where on Earth have you been!

Cadac manufacture the number one, best selling, most portable, lightweight, versatile and easy to use, “did I say portable already”, ranges of BBQ available in the UK..., heck the world and I aint 'blow'n no smoke!'

Cadac 2 Cook 2 BBQ and StoveAll Cadac Barbecues are easy to build, operate, clean and stow away when not in use, making them ideal for countless situations, hobbies and outdoor activities. The majority of our customers use their Cadac Barbecue while camping, caravanning or touring the UK in their motorhome. The great thing about a Cadac BBQ is it's just as practical to use from the back of the car, as it is to set up at the campsite or cook breakfast at home. There can be no doubting the quality and ingenuity of this outstanding BBQ range, which is backed by a manufacturer's 2-year Warranty.

Compared to traditional charcoal BBQs a Cadac Barbecue offers many more advantages; it's easy to see why Cadac has been our number one Barbecue brand name for 20 years.

Cadac Advantages

  • Takes up less storage space
  • Reduced weight
  • Easier to transport
  • No messy charcoal to handle
  • No Lava Rock required saving money
  • Cleaner way to cook
  • More efficient cooking
  • Even heat distribution
  • Finer heat control
  • Easy and fast set up
  • Instantaneous heat
  • Faster cook times
  • Less maintenance
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Quick to pack away
  • Equally suitable for home use or from a 2 person tent
  • Modular system offers flexible cooking
  • Upgrade at any time with comprehensive range of optional cooking surfaces

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New Innovations for 2018

Cadac GreenGrill

GreenGrill LogoHot for 2018 GreenGrill is a new type of non-stick coating that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic! Made from an organic ceramic it offers improved durability, scratch resistance and coating hardness. GreenGrill withstands higher temperatures and distributes heat more efficiently, resulting in lower gas consumption. GreenGrill outperforms traditional non-stick coatings and is just as easy to clean.

Cadac ThermoGrill

ThermoGrill LogoMarinaded into Cadac's Camping Barbecue range is ThermoGrill, the latest in Grill Technology with circular grill tops now featuring an innovative integrated heat deflector. This exclusive feature negates the need for a flame tamer and delivers even heat distribution across the grill surface. ThermoGrill improves the quality of cooking and reduces gas consumption by approximately 34%.

Cadac Easy Clean BBQ

Cadac Easy Clean BBQ LogoThe burner box of all Cadac Easy Clean BBQs has a clean and smooth inside surface and is made from enamel-coated steel or coated aluminium. With Cadac Easy Clean your BBQ is effortless to wash (normal oven cleaner is perfectly safe to use on Cadac BBQs). When it comes to cleaning your BBQ, you can easily remove the fat pan and BBQ grid to wash the inside. When you clean the inside of the BBQ with warm water and detergent, the water drains off through a drip cup into a removable bucket.

Cooking Versatility with the Cadac Modular System

Cadac Modular System LogoThe Cadac Modular System will bring out the gourmet in you! Each modular cooking accessory is easily removed and alternative cooking modules are available to be dropped in its place to ensure easy cooking. There's a choice of many cooking styles including traditional braaiing, frilling, baking, boiling, slow cooking, argentine grilling, paella-pan cooking, teppanyaki-style cooking, oven-style cooking and roasting, Spanish 'Plancha' grilling and even pizza making.

Cadac Easy Assembly

Cadac Easy Assembly LogoCadac portable BBQs are very easy to build and pack away and can be ready to use within minutes. There is no need for any special tools for Camping Barbecues with Cadac Easy Assembly, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the Braai life.

Unpacking and Setting the Carri Chef 2 Up

Unpacking and setting up the Carri Chef 2 is very simple, there are no additional tools required and minimal physical strength is required during assembly, which takes but a few minutes (see video below). The set up process makes it easy to appreciate the Barbecues lightweight and portable design and gives great insight in to each component. Once the BBQ is assembled and upright what immediately stands out is its sleek and minimalistic appearance. Like all Cadac BBQ products every component has a modern and high quality finish that gives the end product a very distinctive look. The Carri Chef is as practical as it is stylish, its modular and portable design opens doors long since shut to traditional BBQ designs. Undoubtedly intelligent, charged with purpose and versatile without rival, the Carri Chef 2 range is a heavy hitter that doesn't rely on pounds of excess weight to deliver its knockout blow!

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, what makes the Carri Chef 2 or any other Cadac BBQ so darn interesting to cook with, is the availability of a veritable array of modular cooking surfaces that with a little practise, make it possible to comfortably reproduce almost any meal made at home.

You will find the final two models available from stock at our Essex based Caravan Showroom (plus many other Cadac Barbecues). We have also acquired an exclusive and limited consignment of popular Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Chef Pan Combo BBQs to compliment our 2018 stock holding.

There are 5 official Carri Chef 2 BBQs in the 2018 range:

  • Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Skottel combo
  • Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Grill 2 Braai combo
  • Carri Chef 2 Skottel
  • Carri Chef BBQ / Plancha combo
  • Carri Chef 2 BBQ

Common Cadac Carri Chef 2 Features

All barbecues in the Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ range share a common BBQ top, or base unit that's supported by 3 curved and highly stable, lightweight anodised aluminium legs. Secured between the legs is a lower circular utility shelf that is perfect for condiments, marinades and tools. The leg tops are intersected by the burner housing, which has a high quality painted finish, a large stainless steel burner and pot stand. The standing height of the base unit (cooking height) is approximately 94 cm and is the tallest BBQ in the Cadac Camping series.

Cadac Carri Chef 2 base unitThe powerful 3.7 kW burner is precisely controlled and offers sensitive adjustment of temperature using a rotating control knob, which protrudes from the side of the burner housing. Starting the BBQ is child's play, using the automatic Piezo ignition; there's no need to fumble with a lighter or gas match, ignition is instantaneous and reliable. Cadac Barbecues have a reputation for being portable, it's no surprise therefore that the legs of the Carri Chef 2 are fully removable with screw on/off attachment. This enables the base unit to pack away into its own supplied carry bag, keeping the Barbecue dry, clean and protected.

LPG Gas Cylinder Requirements

Low pressure LPG gas supplyAll models of Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ are powered by either Propane or Butane LPG Gas, supplied in refillable cylinders such as those distributed by Calor and Campinggaz (formerly Camping Gaz). Calor refills are available nationwide but if you have plans to use your Cadac BBQ in Europe we recommend using Campinggaz, owing to its availability across Europe. Carri Chef 2 BBQs can also be run directly from the caravan or motorhome using an exterior wall mounted gas outlet available from Homestead Caravans online shop.

As a side note, this type of gas cylinder relies upon a regulator that connects directly to the bottle and a length of LPG Hose and two appropriately sized Jubilee Clamps for securing. These items are not not included but are available from any good Caravan Accessory Shop, including Homestead Caravans.

For advice and up-to-date cylinder and refill costs please call: 01255-830-229. Our Essex based Swift Caravan Dealership is open 7 days a week.

Carri Chef 2 Supplied Cooking Surfaces / Lid

All cooking surfaces including the dome are exquisitely engineered using top quality materials to ensure reliable and rugged performance and long life. Cadac BBQ cooking surfaces are interchangeable and of course modular, which means it is possible to add additional surfaces to your original Carri Chef 2 BBQ purchase at a later date. There are many optional cooking surfaces and accessories available to use with the Carri Chef 2 range, some surfaces are included in the purchase price of each model, while others can be purchased optionally.

As mentioned previously, for 2018 circular grill cook plates will feature GreenGrill, a new type of non-stick coating that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic plus, ThermoGrill, the latest in Grill Technology designed to improve heat dispersement, for more even cooking and reduced gas consumption (approximately 34%).

Check the individual Carri Chef 2 models farther down the article to see which surfaces / lids are supplied with each BBQ.

Chef Pan

Cadac BBQ Chef Pan cooking surfaceSuitable for Cadac Carri Chef 2 or Kettle Chef BBQs but may also be used on a gas or electric stove/hob. The cooking surface is smooth with a walled perimeter and 45cm diameter. Chef Pan is non-stick and is ideal for preparing paellas, risottos, pasta dishes and traditional breakfasts and much more.


Cadac Skottel cooking surfaceCadac Skottel with stay-cool handles and is ideal for wok-style cooking, stir-fries, pasta dishes, sauces and breakfasts. It has a concave cooking surface with 49cm diameter.


BBQ Grid

Cadac BBQ Grid cooking surfaceThe BBQ Grid has an easy to clean ribbed surface, with non-stick PTFE coating that's perfect for grilling meats such as, steak, fish, chicken and hamburger patties. Cooking surface has a 46cm diameter.


Grill 2 Braai

Cadac BBQ Grill 2 Brai cooking surfaceGrill 2 Braai with non-stick PTFE coating is perfect for cooking a combination of foods simultaneously. The ribbed side has a lipped perimeter and is ideal for grilling meats including, steak, fish and hamburger patties, while the flat side is perfect for traditional breakfasts and pancakes. Cooking surface has a 46cm diameter.

BBQ / Plancha

Cadac BBQ Plancha and Grill cooking surfaceThe Plancha and Grill gives maximum versatility with open grill BBQ on one half and the other a flat grill pan and is perfect for simultaneous cooking, even vegetarian and meat dishes thanks to the divider. Unlike the Grill 2 Brai, the ribbed side does not have a lipped perimeter but instead is flat. The ceramic coated top is easy to clean and supplied with a bag. Cooking surface has a 46cm diameter.

Dome with Thermometer

Cadac Dome LidIf you thought a Sunday roast just wasn't possible think again! The Cadac Dome Lid transforms the Carri Chef 2 into an oven for roastings, smoke meats, steamed dishes and baked recipes. The 47 cm diameter Dome Lid is made from porcelain enamelling and has an integrated thermometer to monitor the temperature for precise cooking. It also features a stainless steel heat deflector and includes heat-resistant handles for safe handling. By simply hooking on to the side of the BBQ or skottel the Dome acts as a windshield and splash-back protector.

Roast Pan

Cadac Roast Pan cooking surfaceThe Roast Pan is made from porcelain enamel and has a non-stick interchangeable cooking surface that can be used as an additional cooking option for the Cadac Carri Chef 2. The Roast pan is ideal for preparing roast chicken, lamb, vegetables etc..

Pizza Stone 33cm

Cadac Pizza Stone 33cm cooking surfaceThe pizza baking stone can be used in electrical ovens, charcoal kettles, gas BBQs. The Pizza Stone fits CADAC’s Carri Chef, Carri Chef 2, Citi Chef 48, Citi Chef 40, Grillo Chef & Grillogas range of gas BBQs. This 1cm thick baking stone can withstand temperatures of 300°C. Includes chrome plated wire holder. Cooking area: 33cm Diameter.

Paella Pan 47cm

Cadac Paella Pan cooking surface

Constructed from lightweight aluminium with a high quality non-stick coated finish, the Paella Pan is a joy to use and very easy to clean after use. The underside of the pan is a clear, steel machined finish and it incorporates stainless steel handles for easy handling.

The large pan is ideal for preparing risottos, paellas, pasta dishes, breakfasts and other meals for a large number of people. Use with Carri Chef 2 or any other gas or electric hob. Supplied with a storage bag.

Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ Models

47cm Carri Chef 2 BBQ Chef Pan Combo

The Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Chef Pan Combo is extremely versatile and capable of creating an endless number of dishes from morning till night. So versatile is it that no alternative means of cooking is required. Endowed with Dome Lid for family roasts and easily interchangeable Chef Pan and BBQ Grid cooking surfaces, a skilled chef will have unfettered access to an ensemble of potential dishes that will leave family and friends, drooling like a bloodhound in a biscuit factory!

Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ and Chef Pan ComboThe large 47cm diameter makes it an excellent choice for families and groups, and helps to minimise or cut out altogether waiting times, when serving to a number of people in a single sitting.

The Carri Chef 2 is quick and easy to assemble and requires very little effort to build and pack away. When not in use the Chef Pan base unit and cooking plates pack into individual durable carry bags to keep them clean, protected and tidy.

Cooking surfaces supplied: Chef Pan, BBQ Grid, Dome Lid with Thermometer

RRP: £250.00
Our Price: £209.00

Key Specifications

  • Key features: Heat-resistant dome handle | Porcelain enamelled dome with stainless steel heat deflector | Porcelain enamel fat pan | Screw-on leg clamps | Dome clips on back and acts as a windshield and splash back protector | Lightweight anodised aluminium legs
  • Cooking system: 13.2cm diameter stainless steel gas burner with variable heat setting
  • Supplied with: Carry bag for BBQ, BBQ Grid Plate and Chef Pan, Recipe book and Instructions
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Dimensions: 69.6 x 69.6 x 93.4cm
  • Pack size: 58.6 x 57 x 33.2 cm
  • Optional cooking surfaces: Grill 2 Braai | Roast Pan | 47cm Paella Pan | Plancha Plate | Skottel Top | 42cm Pizza Stone
  • Warranty: 2 Year manufacturers
  • Compatible with: Cadac Dual Power Pak

47cm Carri Chef 2 BBQ Plancha Combo

The Carri Chef 2 BBQ Plancha Combo is a Brand NEW Cadac Barbecue for 2018. Carri Chef 2 BBQ Plancha is supplied with a 46cm diameter, dual function cooking plate that combines flat pan and ribbed surfaces. Like all Cadac Carri Chef BBQs, it has a large cooking area with enough room to cater for hungry families.

Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ Plancha ComboPlancha is a Spanish word that means a sort of flat griddle, it's ideal for cooking asparagus stalks, bay scallops, shrimp, fragile fish fillets, chicken livers, pancakes and even diced poultry and thin steaks. The ribbed side is ideal for grilling meats such as chicken, steaks and burgers as well as fish. If you have a party with a vegetarian there's no need to cook separately, as the ribbed divider in the middle of the Carri Chef 2 Plancha prevents contamination across the plate surfaces.

Carri Chef 2 BBQ Plancha is supplied with the Cadac Dome Lid, which adds a whole new dimension of cooking capability to the BBQ. No need to miss out on oven roasts, smoked meats, steamed or baked dishes. The Dome Lid includes a thermometer for precise cooking and cool handles for safe handling.

Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ Plancha and Dome LidCadac Barbecues are designed to last for many years, so once the cardboard box has been disposed of you are going to need a way to keep your Cadac safe, clean, dry and protected. To this end Cadac Carri Chef BBQs are supplied with a protective carry bag for the base unit (legs, burner, housing and gas control) plus a separate durable bag for the cooking plates (excludes Dome Lid).

In summary; the Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ Plancha Combo offers the same capability as the Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Chef Pan Combo but rather than having a separate flat pan and grill plate both these cooking surfaces have been combined in to one plate with half the cooking area.

Cooking surfaces supplied: BBQ/Plancha, Dome Lid with Thermometer

RRP: £220.00
Our Price: £176.00

Key Specifications

  • Key features: Heat resistant dome handle | Porcelain enamelled dome with stainless steel deflector | Porcelain enamel fat pan | Screw-on leg clamps | Dome clips on back and acts as a windshield and splash back protector | Lightweight anodised aluminium legs
  • Cooking system: 13.2cm diameter large stainless steel gas burner with variable heat setting
  • Supplied with: Durable carry bags for BBQ & for Plancha Plate | Recipe book | Instructions
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Dimensions: 93.4 x 70 x 70cm
  • Pack size:
  • Optional cooking surfaces: Grill 2 Braai | Roast Pan | 42cm Pizza Stone | 45cm Chef Pan | 47cm Paella Pan
  • Warranty: 2 Year manufacturersCompatible with: Cadac Dual Power Pak

47cm Carri Chef 2 BBQ with Dome Lid

Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ with Dome LidThis is a very competitively priced and popular Carri Chef 2 model that's approximately £50 cheaper (time of writing) than our premium Carri Chef 2 BBQ / Chef Pan Combo variation. Although this model does not include a Flat Pan out of the box there are still innumerable recipes at your finger tips using the supplied BBQ Grid and Dome Lid. Don't forget Carri Chef 2 BBQs are modular so you always have the option of adding additional cook plates in the future.

All Carri Chef 2 Barbecues offer excellent standing height combined with a large 47cm diameter, which offers maximum convenience and performance. Finely adjustable temperature control with Piezo ignition provides instant height and minimum waiting times for hungry bellies after a days activities.

Cooking surfaces supplied: BBQ Grid, Dome Lid with Thermometer

RRP: £215.00
Our Price: £159.95

Key Features

  • Key features: Heat-resistant dome handle | Porcelain enamelled dome with stainless steel heat deflector | Porcelain enamel fat pan | Screw-on leg clamps | Dome clips on back and acts as a windshield & splashback protector | Lightweight anodised aluminium legs
  • Cooking system: Aluminium BBQ grid offers consistent heat distribution | Central air outlet for a balanced air flow and heat | Easy clean non-stick coated grill | Grill has heat diffuser for even heat distribution | 13.2cm large burner with variable heat setting
  • Supplied with: 46cm BBQ Top (PTFE coated Aluminium) | Dome Lid with fitted thermometer | 46cm nickel plated Pot Stand
  • Weight: 10.64kg
  • Dimensions: 93.4 x 70 x 70cm
  • Pack size:
  • Optional cooking surfaces: 44.5cm Grill 2 Braai | 44.5cm Non-stick Chef Pan | 35cm Roast Pan | 47cm Paella Pan | 48.6cm Skottel Top | 33cm Pizza Stone | Tapas Set
  • Warranty: 2 Year manufacturers
  • Compatible with: Cadac Dual Power Pak

Key Optional Accessories

Cover Deluxe 47cm

The Deluxe Cover 47cm is sure to extend the life of the Carri Chef 2 by keeping it in tip top condition. It offers full-length protection and is constructed from heavy-duty, UV-resistant vinyl, with Velcro closures to help keep the cover secure on windy days.

Cadac Dual Power Pak

Amazing innovation from CADAC; the Dual Power Pak is the first of its kind. A portable dual gas cartridge supply that drives most gas appliances such as small barbecues, camping stoves, small heaters. It is light and easily portable, making it is perfect for camping, picnicking and caravanning. 2x 300g, 2x 445g or 2x 500g CADAC threaded EN417 gas valve cartridges (not included) combine the gas supply regulated consistently to 28mBar regardless of external temperature to power the appliance.

Cadac 2-Cook 2 BBQ / Stove 2018

2018 Cadac Catalogue

Click the 'Download PDF' button to download the latest 2018 Cadac Brochure.

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