New improved E-move EM303A Caravan Mover, with All-Season Protection Cover & Currently Sold at 2016 Prices!


In a modern world full of technology savvy Caravanners the E-move EM303A delivers appreciable 'real world' innovation and affordability, with a full 5-year, no quibble warranty.

After more than 50 years buying and selling Caravan Accessories, it takes more than a stardust sprinkled dustpan and brush redesign for our buying team to raise an eyebrow. However, after reviewing the merits of the E-move EM303A in 2016 we were very excited to have it introduced into our Caravan Mover range.

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The future of Caravan Movers is still here!

As the article name suggests, one of the outstanding selling points of the EM303A was its high level of specification and low price, when compared with similarly equipped Caravan Movers. Predictably, since the introduction of the E-move it has gone on to become a BIG hit in many European countries; number 1 Caravan Mover in Holland, France and Denmark, and fastest growing Mover in Germany and the UK!

It's certainly worth reiterating that as we see it, the future of Caravan Movers is very much still here!'

2017 Product Update

For 2017 the E-move is supplied with a lightweight composite 'All-Season' cover that provides total protection in case of knocks. The new model is already in-stock and available in-store or shipping via our online shop.

For a limited time we are offering E-move at the 2016 price, while stocks last!

While we have your attention here's a quick reminder about some of E-Moves Outstanding Features:

E-move is designed for large single axle Caravans and medium size twin axle Caravans. Thanks to its incredible low price it is now possible for most caravanners to own an automatic engage Caravan Mover; no more bending down to the floor and struggling to manually engage the rollers, just press 'engage' on the remote control and you're ready to roll!

  • Full automatic-engage rollers for completely effortless use; even adjusting to the condition of your tyres.
  • E-move all-season Full covers for protection where you need it, these are designed for your E-move to stay looking good for longer.
  • Diagnostic handset which lets you know when you need to re-charge leisure battery or replace handset batteries.
  • Soft STOP/START technology for accurate and shockproof manoeuvring.
  • Solid aluminium drive rollers with direct drive gears.
  • Suitable for twin axle and single axle Caravans.
  • E-move has even developed an inexpensive option allowing you to use your smart phone to operate your Mover; making it much harder to lose your remote. How cool is that!
  • Alongside ALL this innovation E-move have provided our customers with real peace of mind with FULL FIVE YEAR, NO QUIBBLE warranty.
  • The E-move is also one of the lightest weight Caravan Movers available on the market today.

Four Simple Reasons to consider the E-move EM303A for your next Caravan Mover

Precision Engineering

Built to the world's toughest engineering standards in order to sell in the world's toughest markets, where second best is not good enough. E-move delivers maximum power through maximum efficiency time and time again.

Comprehensive Guidelines

Each E-move is built to exacting standards throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. This is followed through to the fitting stage whether you fit it yourself or have it professionally installed by our workshop. E-move comes with comprehensive fitting guides and our support team is here to help you every step of the way.


E-move leads the world when it comes to Caravan Mover technology, offering the easiest and most precise way to engage rollers and complete protection for the body work. The E-move handset has integrated diagnostics, which tells you the condition of your leisure battery. It is even possible top control E-move using a smart phone via a dedicated APP.

TUV & ABE Approved

E-move Caravan Movers exceed the toughest European standards and approvals. E-move take compliance very seriously and don't believe in taking short cuts. E-move have been making Caravan Movers for more than a decade and expect to be making Movers for many decades to come. As a customer recently said "E-move are setting the standards the rest will have to follow.”

Emove weight chart comparing Emove to other popular UK brandsCaravan Mover Weight Comparison Chart

The adjacent chart compares E-move EM303A weight against other popular UK brands (including all supplied fittings & engagement tool if additional). The test was independently conducted by KCK (Dutch Magazine) with the assistance of Homestead Caravans. Brands changed to UK equivliant where different.


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