Workshop Maintenance Bulletin - Changing Alde Central Heating System Antifreeze


Homestead Caravans recommend that you change the Glycol fluid in your Alde Central Heating System to maintain a consistent level of performance and corrosion protection when heating your caravan.

The Alde Water Heating System is a closed loop system for radiators, which requires the water mixture flowing around the system to contain corrosion inhibitor(antifreeze) and water in a 50:50 mix.

This water mixture has to be drained and refilled periodically dependent on the previous mixture and type of antifreeze / corrosion inhibitor mix used. If filled with a Blue, Green fluid the silicate inhibitor usually gives a 2 year corrosion protection. Purple, Magenta G12++ or G13 silicated OAT inhibitor offers 5-year corrosion protection. As mentioned the corrosion inhibitor has a limited life, after it has expired the system will have no corrosion protection, which should be avoided.

TIP: Water should be clean and fresh. Antifreeze containing phosphates should only be mixed with distilled water.

Homestead Caravans uses Long Life, 5-year premium quality, Alde Protective Premium G13 mixture to save you time and money. Our Service Centre has specialist equipment specifically designed for changing this fluid over so you don't have to.

To get your Alde Glycol change booked, please call 01255 830229 or email:

Should your Alde system just require topping up, Homestead’s accessory shop and online store stock the ready mixed Alde Premium G13 antifreeze 1 litre.

TIP: Do not mix antifreeze containing silicates with antifreeze containing non-silicated OAT.

Learn more about Alde Antifreeze by visiting Youtube


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