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SMART Plus Intelligent Construction System has been hailed, “the most exciting breakthrough in caravan construction since their inception in the 1960’s”. SMART Construction was unveiled in late 2013 and has been adopted by all Swift Caravan ranges during 2014.

SMART Plus Intelligent Construction System is the product of 5 Years of research and development that begun when the Swift Group design team was challenged to simply, build a better caravan. To reflect upon all the knowledge and experience gathered over many years, to strip down every aspect of caravan design and look afresh at caravan construction, using the most advanced materials available.

So what is SMART and what makes it so...well, SMART!

Well, for a start SMART(Strong, Modern, Aerodynamic, Resilient, Tested) Plus caravans are timber-less, including the floor. The departure from traditional wooden construction techniques has opened the door to innovation that wouldn't have been possible, had timber remained an essential component.

Being organic, wood is a very responsive to changes in weather and temperature. Over time moisture and continuing expansion and contraction can cause changes that eventually reduce the strength of the original structure. Various external fixtures and fittings can provide a route to the internal walls and beyond, causing damp, which as many experienced caravanner's can attest to, can lead to extensive destruction and high repair bills.

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The new timberless body frame uses PURe, a strong polyurethane material that is totally impervious to water and has been proven in use. The construction method prevents the transfer of moisture from the outside to the upgraded hardwood ply wall board making the caravan highly resilient to moisture. Materials are cut using CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology to provide accuracy and consistency time after time to create a high quality engineered product.

Nick page, Swift Group Commercial Director commented, ‘We have spent over five years carefully researching materials and construction methods to ensure the new SMART HT construction system provides that best engineered caravans Swift has ever made. Our customers can be confident that by taking this time, and learning from industry mistakes we are confident SMART HT is superior to any construction system currently on the market.’

5 years of research and development has well and truly paid off, with the creation of several new patents, reaffirming The Swift Group's position as the leading manufacturer of touring caravans for many years to come. All Swift Group caravans come with a market leading 10 year bodyshell integrity warranty.

In February of 2014 at the NEC Caravan & Camping Show, Swift launched 2 new flagship ranges of caravan, Swift Elegance and Sterling Continental, both built using an advanced SMART Intelligent Construction System called SMART HT(high tech).

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The new ranges have been in research and development for five years and propelled the recently launched SMART intelligent construction system to a new level with the use of hi-tech materials. SMART HT exterior styling is totally new as is the internal styling, both of which offer an exciting array of new features.

Swift SMART Plus Features

New front panel made with full GRP and foam construction gives a flatter and stiffer surface for the front gas locker door and windows to fix to.

Woven GRP outer surface provides greater durability from the elements.

New ‘sandwich’ floor construction with ply upper, high rigidity Styrofoam core and GRP outer skin to provide greater durability from the elements.

The Strong timberless body frame uses ‘PURe’, a tough, hard polyurethane based product, that is totally impervious to water and has been proven through use.

The SMART construction system uses Modern materials and has been developed to ensure the exterior profiles maintain the Modern desirable looks our caravans are renowned for.

We continue to lead the way in Aerodynamics using Computational Fluid Dynamics to help shape the bodyshell for better fuel consumption and safer towing.

All fixings are made into the ‘PURe’ material to a pre-defined depth. ‘PURe’ is totally impervious to water and has no veins. This means there is no passage for water from the outer skin to the inner wallboard, making the caravan highly Resilient to moisture.

Extensive safety and durability Testing at the Millbrook track, and cold chamber Testing down to minus 15°C and beyond puts prototypes through conditions most products will never have to experience in a lifetime; all part of the Swift ethos to deliver the best products to you.

Which Swift and Sprite Ranges Incorporate SMART Plus?

All Sprite and Swift Challenger models are built using the SMART Plus Intelligent Construction System.

Swift SMART HT Features

SMART HT takes the SMART Plus Intelligent Construction System to the next level.


  • GRP skin both sides provides excellent durability and impact resistance
  • Balanced panel so will not bow with heat as proven by environmental chamber testing


  • Tough, hard polyurethane blocks, totally impervious to water
  • Used within wall panels where extra fixing strength is required


  • Breakthrough patented cold bridge within the aluminium side framing
  • Prevents formation of condensation


  • 5 layer sandwich construction
  • Combination of unique materials, processes and laminating solutions is patent pending
  • Tested to the equivalent of 8 tonnes (or 100 people), twisted and pulled, all at different temperatures
  • Incredibly strong with a great thermal performance in relation to weight


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics used to help shape bodyshell
  • All exterior parts are flush fitting allowing air to slip over the body and reduce drag
  • Market leading aerodynamics


Panels lock into patent pending aluminium and SRIM corner jointing system Panels secured firmly using strong bonding system System so strong the number of mechanical fixings are significantly reduced saving weight SRIM corner structure technology allows increase in internal space by 106mm Extensively tested to meet exacting standards


  • Components cut by a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine driven by 3D CAD data
  • Highly accurate for consistency time after time
  • Automotive standards of build technology

Which Swift and Sprite Ranges Incorporate SMART HT?

Swift Conqueror and Swift Elegance ranges are built using SMART HT (High Tech) Intelligent Construction System.

2017 SMART Plus Enhancements


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