Dissecting the 2016 Sprite Caravan Range


In todays article we attempt to dissect the 2016 Sprite Caravan range in a series of Q&As to give buyers, especially those coming into the market for the first time, the low down on this years new Sprite range plus, some background information about Sprite to help you get a sense of what the Sprite brand is all about. By the end of this article you should have a pretty good understanding of how each of the Sprite Caravan Ranges fit together, to help you see the big picture.

So without further a do...

Even for the most experienced caravanner, buying a caravan can sometimes lead to a little head scratching. After all, there are several credible caravan manufacturers to choose from, all of whom offer several unique caravan ranges, and as if that wasn't enough to take in, a single caravan range can contain 6-10 model variations...confused already, then please read on!

If you don't posses a photographic memory or an IQ equal to that of Einstein, you maybe wondering where to begin? Well true to my nature and as a matter of fact, the Sprite brand is quite honestly about the most logical place to start.

I have decided to present this information as a series of 'Q&As, which I will replicate when demystifying the more complex world of Swift caravans. I hope by the end of this article you will have a good sense of what the Sprite brand is about and which, if any of the 2016 Sprite Caravan models you find to be of interest.

1. How are Sprite Caravans unique to any other Caravan Brand on the market?

To really understand what makes Sprite so unique you have to go back to the companies earliest roots. The Sprite brand has played a pivotal role in the history of of the UK Caravan industry thanks to the leadership of the late Sam Alper, the companies original founder. Sam was a true entrepreneur, who understood early on that the success of Sprite would depend upon Sprite's ability to produce high quality caravans at affordable prices.

Of course Sam and Sprite caravans did in fact became very successful and Sprite went on to become the first mass produced touring caravan after the Second World War.

70 or so years later and Sprite Caravans are still recognised as the original entry level caravan producer, successfully balancing exceptional high standards in build construction and affordability.

Today, the Sprite brand is owned by the Swift Group who, true to Sam Alper's original vision continue to produce high quality Sprite caravans at some of the most affordable prices on the market today. In fact, many of the materials, construction methods and processes used to manufacturer the Sprite are, identical to more expensive caravans built by the Swift Group.

No other British caravan manufactured today posses the history, pedigree or unique values as Sprite, which is why Sprite is the best selling caravan range in the UK.

2. In what ways are Sprite Caravans of today 'the same as' Sprite Caravans of the past?

Every Sprite caravan made by The Swift Group today has an identical design and marketing brief as the original Sprite company; a Sprite caravan must be well made, be of a low weight, whilst still retaining a good level of standard specification but most importantly, a Sprite caravan must be produced at a highly competitive retail price.

Famously, Sprite caravans have always been designed to appeal to the widest range of consumers possible. In order for this to remain true, The Swift Group continue to produce a Sprite caravan range that includes a wide array of layouts, to appeal to a wide range of potential customers with diverse requirements.

3. In what ways are Sprite Caravans of today 'different from' Sprite Caravans of the past?

Like most products built using modern manufacturing techniques, today's touring caravan is far more technologically advanced, in terms of its construction, road gear and the internal appliances. Caravan manufacturers keen to keep up with the demands of the modern caravanner are continually looking to refine their products, and nowhere does this apply more than to the Sprite brand, which since 1994 has been under the ownership and safe stewardship of The Swift Group. The Swift Group is the largest caravan manufacturer in the UK, with a reputation for innovation and progressive R&D.

SMART Innovation

For anyone considering the virtues of buying a new caravan and comparing brands, it's important to emphasise just how revolutionary Swift's latest caravan construction system really is, it's called SMART Intelligent Construction System and it has lead to the 2016 Sprite range being dubbed the most innovative and well built Sprite range ever!

The Sprite range now shares many of the construction methods of the more expensive caravans produced by the Swift Group. The major improvements and changes to earlier Sprite caravans include, SMART Plus timber-less construction and for the first time ever, triple front windows, leading to improved exterior looks and appeal.

4. Who do Sprite Caravans appeal to and why?

Traditionally first-time buyers looking to enter the market with a new caravan love the Sprite, for its obvious price point and mid-range specification. Another great reason to buy a Sprite is, its lower weight when compared to many other ranges of caravan. Having to change the car in order to tow a Sprite is far less likely than with many other caravan brands. Sometimes the hassle and extra expense of changing the car is really a bridge too far, which to some degree circles back to the first-time buyer demographic.

Conversely, Sprite caravans are also popular with returning caravanner's, those who may be re-entering the caravan market after sometime away from caravanning altogether. Retirement often attracts people to the Sprite for many of the same reasons as a new comer.

5. How is the Sprite Alpine caravan range different from other Sprite Caravans?

The Sprite Alpine 4 is surprising roomy, with a popular fixed bed layout and one of the lightest caravans with this type of layout on the market today! You could easily argue a case for both the Alpine 2 and 4 as being equally suited for couples, depending upon space requirements. However, for families the Sprite Alpine 4 is a must with accommodation available for up to four people.

Both Sprite Alpine 2 and Sprite Alpine 4 are the smallest caravans in the range. Although Alpine models are less equipped than other Sprite caravans they still offer users have plenty of high tech bells and whistles. The combination of smaller dimensions and less equipment makes for a lighter, easier to handle(on and off the road) caravan that offers the kind of value young families and new comers find enormously appealing.

6. How is the Sprite Major caravan range different from other Sprite Caravans?

Along with the Alpine the Sprite Major is one of the UK's most historic caravans ever produced and the largest of the single axle caravans in the Sprite range.

The caravan draws interest from a wide range of interested parties, thanks to the availability of four very individual layouts, designed to meet the demands of most caravanner's. Consequently the Sprite Major is ideal for families or couples, with a good level of specification from leading brand names and plenty of storage available for longer caravanning holidays.

Importantly, all Sprite Major caravans remain light enough for most family cars to tow safely.

If you fancy something extra there are a range of Factory and Dealer Fit Options to choose from. All Sprite caravans are now fitted as standard with Fixing Bars on the rear panel to facilitate the installation of an optional Thule rear mounted two cycle rack.

7. How is the Sprite Quattro caravan range different from other Sprite Caravans?

Sprite Quattro offers the largest of all the Sprite ranges and includes 2 twin axle models, with either an end or side situated wash-room, both layouts boast a fixed double bed. Sprite Quattro can accommodate 6 people making it the ideal caravan for larger families. Twin axle caravans are superb at carrying additional weight, so if you have bags of extra holiday gear you'd like to take a long, a twin axle caravan might be the way to go!

There's more good news in the form of weight, or the lack thereof, as Sprite Quattro caravans are probably the lightest twin axle caravans on the market today, which means you won't be needing a Humvee to tow these tandem axle tardis's! Something else to consider, is that Sprite Quattro twin axle caravans offer greater stability when under tow, than a typical single axle caravan.

As with all of the Sprite caravans the Quattro has an excellent level of standard specification. There is also the option of having adding various extras such as Al-Ko ATC and exterior 230v mains socket that can be fitted at very reasonable costs.

8. Is there a stand out model for you'd recommend for Couples and why?

I'm glad I asked myself that question, my personal favourite Couples Caravan would have to be the Sprite Major 4 SB, it's a fantastic couples caravan for the following 4 reasons;

  • It has a very comfortable fixed transverse double bed that offers total convenience for couples, leaving more time to get on and enjoy the holiday. There'll be plenty of opportunity for bed making, when children show up on the scene.
  • The toilet and shower are situated to the rear of the caravan across the full width of the back wall, providing ample wiggle room for washing and grooming.
  • Because the caravan can comfortably accommodate 4, there's plenty of internal room for entertaining friends and family whenever the fancy takes you.
  • At just 1415kg all-in the Sprite Major 4 SB doesn't need a big car to get from A to B, a VW Golf is quite adequate.

9. Why is Homestead Caravans the number one dealership to buy Sprite Caravans?

We have many years experience as a Main Swift Group dealer selling Sprite caravans and we pride ourselves on providing customers with informative and honest advise, to help customers find the most suitable caravan for their needs.

Homestead Caravans has to be one of the friendliest, customer orientated caravan dealerships around. I think this is because of our strong family roots. After more than 50-years the company remains under the control of the original owners, who insist on creating a relaxed sale environment for customers to browse our caravan stock. We don't use strong-arm sales tactics, instead we focus on delivering a friendly, honest and professional service; we like to go that extra mile plus, we're very competitively priced!

So in summary the 2016 Sprite Caravan range is as follows: 

Sprite Alpine

  • Models: Alpine 2, Alpine 4
  • Berth: 2 & 4
  • Key Considerations: Small size / Lightweight / Good Specification / Easy to manage on/off the road / Low price / Value / SMART plus Intelligent Construction System(timber-less)
  • Appeal: Retired / First-time buyers / Couples / Small families

Sprite Major

  • Models: Major 4 FB SR, Major 4 SB SR, Major 6 SR, Major TD
  • Berth: 4 & 6
  • Key Considerations: Large Single Axle / Wide Range of Layout Options Available / Good storage space / Good specification / Lightest in class / Excellent value / SMART plus Intelligent Construction System(timber-less)
  • Typical Buyer: Larger families or smaller families and couples looking for some additional space.

Sprite Quattro

  • Models: Quattro EW SR, Quattro FB SR
  • Berth: 6
  • Key Considerations: Twin axle (towing stability) / Fixed twin bed / Lightest in class / Excellent value especially relative to other brands / Plenty of storage / Carries more weight / Excellent level of specification / SMART plus Intelligent Construction System(timber-less)
  • Appeal: Larger Families / Families looking for the very best possible caravanning experience / A lot of caravan for your money

Comment below or feel free to contact me directly at jeremy@homesteadcaravans.co.uk with any follow up questions.


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