2018 Lafuma Reclining Chairs Review


Yes it's true, this Lafuma Outdoor Furniture Review has to be one of the most unseasoned ever written. It's December 2017, winter is upon us and UK sales of Outdoor Furniture have just been eclipsed by 2-piece bikini sales in Northern Siberia.

Lafuma LogoAs a seasonal business Homestead Caravans purchasing team have to be one step ahead of the curve, which means Outdoor Furniture ranges are decided by the end of the preceding year.

Lafuma Furniture is suitable for any indoor and outdoor setting and is frequently used at home in the garden. However, its low weight, compact dimensions and inherent quality make it portable enough for use on holiday, be it in the caravan, motorhome, tent or relaxing at Homestead Lake Country Park.

Why Buy Lafuma

Lafuma offices design team meeting

Lafuma continue to update and release new and innovative furniture ranges; Lafuma is renowned for the manufacture of multi-position relaxers and in fact, were the first company to design, manufacture and patent the Reclining Chair design. Any other Relaxer Chair available on the market today is modelled from the original Lafuma design.

Lafuma quality is and always has been outstanding; renown worldwide for use of high quality materials and adopting modern manufacturing processes. A great deal of emphasis is placed on quality control and this has lead to Lafuma becoming one of the most reliable and trusted leisure brands in Europe.

All Lafuma Furniture comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on the chair frame and a two year warranty on the fabric and R Clip system (more about 'R' Clip below). The Lacing System found on many Lafuma products has a 1 year warranty. The company maintains a permanent sales office in the UK, and is available to customers should they require support.

True 'Zero Gravity'

The extremely popular RSXA Recliners are now joined by a new wave of technically advanced recliners that incorporate the very latest fabrics and design innovations. New ranges include, Lafuma Futura Air Comfort, Lafuma Futura and Lafuma R-Clip. These chairs offer stable adjustment across any position from upright to True 'Zero Gravity'.

Man seated giving example of True Zero GravityTo be classed as a TRUE 'Zero Gravity' chair the angle of RELAXATION must be 127 degrees, any other angle just won't do.

With many other brands of Outdoor Furniture, when you rise up after long periods of use the body can feel aches and pains. Lafuma Recliners are being used in neonatal units around the world where uninterrupted skin to skin contact between mothers and their premature babies is required for up to 8 hours - that's pretty amazing!

When fully reclined in a Lafuma Recliner, the ankles of the user are slightly above the level of the heart, this gradually slows the heart rate down as there is less work for the heart to do. Lafuma have demonstrated that after 4 minutes in a TRUE 'Zero Gravity' Recliners, the heart rate is reduced and the individual feels more relaxed.

Lafuma R-Clip System

Clip front and reverseLafuma 'R-Clip' is a patented revolutionary system that is used to link the seating fabric to the frame tubing utilising special elastomer clips. Lafuma R-Clip System enhances comfort and seating support. The R Clip system is 100 times more durable than ordinary lacing systems, which have a tendency to stretch over time and become frayed causing the fabric to sag.

R-Clip can be found on Lafuma R-Clip Batyline® Recliner, Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Recliner and Lafuma Futura Batyline® Iso Recliner. For 2018 Lafuma has reworked the legs of R-Clip, Futura and Futura Air Comfort Recliners to make them even more attractive than before.

Lafuma Fabrics

3 Layer Air Comfort fabric3 Layer Air Comfort®

Manufactured from three layers of technologically advanced fabric, an ultra breathable top layer, a padded permeable middle layer and a Batyline base layer. Practically this means you have a wonderfully comfortable, padded seat that does not retain water, promotes air circulation and is extremely quick drying.

Lafuma Batyline fabricBatyline® Iso

Batyline® ventilated fabric, designed for outdoor use with good resistance to UV exposure, an anti-fungal treatment and open weave which does not retain water. It stands up to wear and tear and does not lose its shape. It is also noted for ease of cleaning and for being environmentally-friendly; it holds the Oeko-Tex® label which guarantees it being free from toxic substances harmful to people and the environment.

2018 Lafuma Reclining Chair Ranges

Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Recliner

As the name suggests the Lafuma Futura Air Comfort® Reclining multi-position Chair, has been specifically designed to provide users with superior comfortable, combining intelligent designed with exclusive Lafuma technology and advanced materials, to produce unparalleled support and comfort.

The Futura Air Comfort in BlackThe Futura Air Comfort® incorporates Lafuma 'Elastomer Clip Suspension System', a patented innovation that provides firmer comfort and perfect back support. The Elastomer Clip Suspension System is easy to install and detach, and has been engineered to provide a longer life without sagging. The Clip System permits the Comfort® Seat Cover to be quickly removed for cleaning and eventual replacement.

A perfect marriage of design and comfort has been achieved, with an optimum resting position like no other Folding Chair. The essential principle is to position the legs slightly above the heart for optimise rest, or 'Zero Gravity'.

"The new Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Recliner is so comfortable that, if you shut your eyes you will imagine yourself floating on a cloud."

Lafuma Futura Air Comfort foldedLafuma Futura Air Comfort® seat covering is hard-wearing and perfectly attuned to indoor and outdoor environments. A technically advanced padded seat, with 3 layers that combines breathable and permeable materials for unrivalled comfort, unbelievable softness, hyper breathability and faster drying. Air Comfort® fabric also has good resistance to UV exposure when not protected by the optional Lafuma Transport Bag. An independently adjustable and removable padded headrest cushion is supplied to further optimise comfort.

A sturdy and stable, 20mm tubular high tension steel frame adjusts to any position for effortless reclining. Ergonomic fixed resin armrests facilitate adjustments from a relaxed position, together with protective ring for footrest and foot glides complete this exceptional Lafuma Relaxer.


Colour options: Black Acier, Coral Blue and NEW for 2018 Bordeaux.

  • Frame construction: Steel
  • Frame diameter: 20 mm
  • Fabric: 3 Layer Air Comfort®
  • Closed dimensions: H 96 cm x W 70 cm x D 21 cm
  • Open dimensions: H 117 cm x W 70 cm x D 83 cm
  • Unit weight: 8.20 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 127kg / 20 stone

RRP: £200.00
Our Price: £179.95

Lafuma Futura Recliner Batyline® Iso Recliner

The Lafuma Futura Recliner is almost identical to the Lafuma Futura Air Comfort® Recliner with one key difference; the Air Comfort® seat material is replaced with Batyline® Iso.

Lafuma Futura Batyline Recliner in SeigleLafuma Furniture fitted with Batyline® Iso seat coverings benefit from a fabric specially designed for Outdoor Furniture. Batyline® Iso is tough and durable with excellent resistance to UV exposure, abrasion and ripping. During manufacturing the fabric receives an anti-fungal treatment designed to protect against mildew. Cleaning Batyline® Iso after spills is light work and it dries quickly too.

This specialised and patented material will ensure your money is well spent, providing long life and resistance to weathering from everyday use. In addition it carries the Oeko-Tex® label, which means it is guaranteed to be free from substances that are toxic to people and the environment.

Lafuma Futura Batyline Recliner Ocean foldedLike the Lafuma Futura Comfort® Recliner the Futura Recliner offers users multi-position adjustment from a relaxed position using the armrests. For optimum relaxation the Recliner can be adjusted from vertical to true 'Zero Gravity'; it provides much needed relief if you are suffering with back trouble and need a break.

You can easily change position as desired and the armrests remain fixed to allow firm pressure to be applied when you want to stand up out of the chair.

As noted Lafuma Futura Recliners also feature R Clip Suspension that prevents sagging and permits the cover to be quickly and easily clipped on and off for cleaning or replacement in the future.


Colour options: Ocean, Seigle and Moss.

  • Frame construction: Steel
  • Frame diameter: 20 mm
  • Fabric: Batyline® Iso
  • Closed dimensions: H 96 cm x W 71 cm x D 17.5 cm
  • Open dimensions: H 113 cm x W 71 cm x D 83 cm
  • Unit weight: 7.80 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 127kg / 20 stone

RRP: £160.00
Our Price: £139.50

Lafuma R Clip Batyline® Recliner

Lafuma R Clip reclinerApart from some modifications to the design of the frame and armrests the Lafuma R Clip Recliner incorporates many of the features found on other Futura Recliners. Lafuma R Clip is a classic piece that's made from quality, environmentally-friendly materials. Light, foldable, sturdy and practical, offering great value for money without cutting key features out.

Lafuma R Clip Recliners are fitted with Lafuma's Batyline® Iso, a durable fabric known for its resistance to UV exposure and ripping. Another great advantage of Batyline® Iso fabric is that it does not lose its shape, is easy to clean and is fast to dry. As the name would suggest the seating covering is attached to the frame using Lafuma's patented R Clip Suspension System; elastomer clips that provide firmer comfort, with enhanced back support and a longer lifespan.

Lafuma R Clip recliner foldedThe ergonomic headrest, which is adjustable and removable, allows you to adjust it for perfect comfort.

This high quality recliner has a modern design and offers great comfort with a multitude of different positions including, true 'Zero Gravity' with the legs positioned slightly above the heart, giving optimal relaxation.


Colour options: Ocean and Seigle.

  • Frame construction: Steel
  • Frame diameter: 20 mm
  • Fabric: Batyline® Iso
  • Closed dimensions: H 97 cm x W 68 cm x D 16 cm
  • Open dimensions: H 114 cm x W 68 cm x D 87 cm
  • Unit weight: 6.8 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg / 22 stone

RRP: £110.00
Our Price: £99.95

Lafuma RSXA Batyline® Recliner

Lafuma RSXA RelaxerEnjoy your outdoor leisure time in comfort with the fantastic quality Lafuma RSXA Relaxer, they have been designed specifically with your relaxation in mind and offer unsurpassed comfort and style, suspended by elastic lacing cords to give a hammock like comfort. For 2018 Homestead Caravans will be introducing the R-Clip version of the RSXA, which will further enhance the comfort and durability of this timeless piece of furniture

Made from environmentally-friendly materials the Batyline Lafuma RSXA Relaxer is light and compact while also being both stable and strong. This range is popular with caravanners as it folds down to a depth of only 15cm for caravan and motorhome storage.

Lafuma RSXA RelaxerThis range features the extremely breathable, durable and easy to clean Batyline® fabric with a 20mm tubular steel frame. The open weave of the Batyline® cover means it dries extremely fast and the fabric has incredible resistance to UV light. It also carries the Oeko-tex® label.

Traditional foam filled armrests make reading a book or newspaper more comfortable. For maximum comfort an ergonomic headrest is provided with vertical adjustment. The RSXA offers a multitude of positions, with adjustment via the armrests and like other Lafuma Recliners it includes True 'Zero Gravity', with the legs positioned just above the heart. When looked after these popular Lafuma Folding Chairs will provide years of use whether on the campsite or at home in the garden.


Colour options: Black, Ecorce and Seigle.

  • Frame construction: Steel
  • Frame diameter: 20 mm
  • Fabric: Batyline® Iso
  • Closed dimensions: H 96 cm x W 68 cm x D 15 cm
  • Open dimensions: H 115 cm x W 68 cm x D 88 cm
  • Unit weight: 7.15 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg / 22 stone

Multi-Buy Prices: £97.95 (1 piece) / £95.00 (2+ pieces) / £92.50 (4+ pieces)

Lafuma ALU Cham Air Comfort Recliner Chair

ALU Cham Air ComfortJust as the name suggests the Lafuma ALU Cham Air Comfort delivers levels of comfort that are hard to beat. It's a beautifully made reclining chair with an ergonomic high back design; the quality aluminium frame is sturdy and yet incredibly light and shaped to support the back and neck.

ALU Cham Air Comfort reclines effortlessly and smoothly into five comfy positions. There is backrest adjustment via the smooth moulded resin armrests, which enhance relaxation and add to the contemporary appearance of this folding chair. The top of the backrest is angled in order that your head may rest against the padded fabric rather than the frame when fully reclined. OH BOY, I think I might have just talked myself into a purchase!

ALU Cham Air Comfort foldedEnjoy the latest technology with three layers of advanced fabric, an ultra breathable top layer, a padded permeable middle layer and a Batyline base layer.

Like all Lafuma Recliners, ALU Cham Air Comfort folds down with compact dimensions and with a weight of just 3.5kg, they are light enough to carry and require less space when transported. Make good use of ALU Cham Air Comfort inside the conservatory, in the garden or take on holiday to the caravan park or campsite.


Colour options: Black Acier and Coral Blue.

  • Frame construction: Aluminium
  • Frame diameter: 22 mm
  • Fabric: 3 Layer Air Comfort®
  • Closed dimensions: H 101 cm x W 61 cm x D 12 cm
  • Open dimensions: H 111 cm x W 61 cm x D 68 cm
  • Unit weight: 3.5 kg

RRP: £100.00
Our Price: £89.95

Lafuma ALU Cham Batyline® Reclining Chair

Lafuma ALU Cham Batyline® Recliner incorporates the same ergonomic frame system and smooth adjustment as Lafuma ALU Cham Air Comfort but features the latest advances in Batyline® Iso fabric.

ALU Cham Batyline Iso ReclinerThe seat front is arched for better seating comfort so the chair avoids digging into the back of your legs. The ALU Cham Batyline® has highly stable floor protectors on the legs, these also protect the frame on hard surfaces. The top of the back rest is angled in order that your head may rest against the taunt fabric rather than the frame when fully reclined.

Batyline® Iso fabric is absolutely perfect for camping and caravanning because it is very durable and easy clean, with reinforced stitching and does not rot or loose its shape. The lightweight aluminium frame weighs a mere 2.9kg and when folded the height of the chair is just 10cm, reducing the burden on limited storage space in the car, caravan or motorhome.


Colour options: Ocean and Seigle.

  • Frame construction: Aluminium
  • Frame diameter: 22 mm
  • Fabric: Batyline® Iso
  • Closed dimensions: H 102 cm x W 62.5 cm x D 10 cm
  • Open dimensions: H 111 cm x W 62.5 cm x D 67 cm
  • Unit weight: 2.9 kg

RRP: £69.00
Our Price: £59.95

Key Lafuma Accessories

Clip-on Cup Holder Tray

Lafuma Clip on Holder TrayLafuma Clip-on Holder Tray is an essential accessory for your Lafuma Recliner including, ALU Cham Air Comfort and ALU Cham Batyline. Practical and simple to install, the height can be adjusted with two clip-on hooks. The hooks rotate which allow the tray to fit onto different tubular frames. Allows you to have your tea, coffee or cold drink right at hand.

Lafuma Transport Bag

Lafuma Transport BagThis well made stylish Lafuma Transport Bag with shoulder carry handles allows for all Lafuma products in the range to be carried easily. It also guarantees excellent protection and easy clean storage. Designed to carry one Lafuma Recliner.

Replacement Elastic Laces - 4 Pack

Set of four Lafuma Elastic Laces with endings available in either Black or White to replace worn out laces on the Lafuma RSXA and RSX Recliners.

Outdoor Furniture at Homestead Caravans

At Homestead you can expect to find the latest Furniture designs, styles and colours at very competitive prices. We have a large indoor display of Outdoor Furniture suitable for all occasions. We stock ALL TYPES of Camping Furniture including a full range of tables, basic Folding Stools, inflatables and Camping Chairs for Children. Our business is uniquely positioned close to the coast and surrounded by a multitude of holiday parks. Consequently we hold in stock Beach Furniture and High Quality Furniture designed for park homes and residential home use as discussed in this 2018 Lafuma Furniture Review.

You can buy Lafuma Furniture Online via our website, with 'Multi-Buy' discounts for multiple purchases on selected models and some models offered with FREE next working day delivery. If you'd prefer to test drive our Lafuma range before deciding which model to buy, we invite you to Shop for Outdoor Furniture in-store – we'd love to meet you!



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