How to Erect The Quest Elite Instant Spring Screen House in Four Simple Steps


The Easiest & Fastest Dayroom & Shelter on the market, the Quest Elite Instant Spring Screen House is your best friend when you plan on spending time outdoors, as it provides both shelter from inclement weather and shade from intense sunlight.

Relax and enjoy 360 degree views or put on the sidewalls for total privacy. The Elite Instant Spring Screen House is perfect for entertaining in the garden or as a covered social area when camping, in fact the number of uses are almost limitless.

There are 3 models in the range; Elite Instant Spring Up Screen House 4, 6 and 6XL. Each model is supplied with a generously sized carry / storage bag.

The Screen House gives you a huge amount of usable space as the sides spring out ensuring you can use 100% of the space inside. The screen house has fully screen sides all around so there is nothing to add afterwards. The screen walls stop those pesky insects getting in and actually keeps the wind at bay, but allows airflow to keep it cool. In sunny weather the UV coating and shade from the roof along with the fully screen sides actually make the inside of the screen house cooler than outside.

The Screen House incorporates an ingenious spring up frame that allows a single person to have it set up in under one minute! There is no frame to erect, nothing to put together or adjust it goes up in four simple steps.

Step 1: Get into Position

Remove the Sun Screen from the bag and place the central frame hub (black circular end) on the ground and let the canvas sides fan out and fall around the central hub, you will see the blue or green roof material facing upwards.

Step 2: Erect the Screen House

Next, walk around the Elite Spring Up Screen House and open the sides. To do this pull the centre strap out of each side panel. Hold the storm strap with one hand and with the other hold the top of the side panel and pull until the side springs open. Once all sides have been opened, walk into the centre of the Screen House and push the centre of the roof up. The roof will then spring into place.

Then place the two front poles in the pockets provided at the top and bottom of each corner of the door and secure with the available Velcro tabs. The screen house is now erected.

Step 3: Pegging Out

We recommend that you peg the screen house down in case of windy conditions. Ensure the front door is closed before pegging. Pegging points can be found at every corner of the Elite Screen House and in the middle of each side. On top of these points each side has a Storm Strap located in the middle of the sidewall, peg this down by pulling the storm strap away from the screen house but keep the strap loose. Once pegged tighten the storm strap but do not over tighten as it could pull the Screen House out of shape.

Step 4: Secure with Storm Straps

To secure the Screen House, Storm Straps are located on the sides making it one of the most secure outdoor shelters on the market.

Optional Sidewall Blinds

You can also fit sidewall blinds if you wish. These give you more privacy and protection against the weather. Every side and the door can have a sidewall fitted if you so wish. To fit the sidewall blind simply detach the storm strap, place the sidewall blind over the side, clipping it in place in each corner. Ensure the ring in the centre pushes over the hoop where the storm strap fits onto and finally just attach the Velcro tabs on the top and sides.


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