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Awnings & Accessories

The Homestead Caravans Kampa Awning Showroom was officially opened in 2016 to showcase Europe's most popular collection of Caravan Awnings. The new showroom gives our customers a unique opportunity to view the latest designs of Inflatable and Poled Awnings under one roof inside our 15,000 square foot showroom.

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Camping & Outdoor

We are proud of our association with Lafuma, as a UK Supplier of Lafuma Furniture for more than 20-years. It's not hyperbole to say, we cannot recommend Lafuma enough. We have carefully chosen our Lafuma range to best suit our customer requirements. Look out for new Taupe, Graphite and Lac colour options in 2019.

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Caravan & Motorhome

We have chosen 8 models across the Swift Select and Swift Escape ranges designed to give a wide range of model options and equipment. The Select van conversion range offers a greater level of customisation, while the Swift Escape continues to be one of the UKs best selling single motorhome ranges. As things progress we'll be offering a range of quality pre-owned motorhomes. Call 01255-830-229 for more information.

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Motoring & Travel

The nights are drawing in and the weather is cooling; whether you're a winter caravanner or put your vehicle into storage for winter, there are a few essential items available to help you get prepared and protect your investment. With this is mind, we put together a selection of our Winter Care products.

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Parts & Maintenance

If you're about to embrak on a caravan or motorhome DIY project and are in need of some supplies to help the job along, check out our Tools and Consumables category first. While your thinkg DIY, we'd like to remind you that our purpose built, 8 bay workshop is ready to help you resolve any issues you may have. Give us a call if we can help and to book your next carvan service.

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Towing & Trailer

Homestead Caravans holds in stock a wide range of essential electrical equipment for Towing and Trailers at very competitive prices. From basic 12N and 12S plugs to complete pre-wired wiring kits and an array of extension and adapter leads.

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Home Leisure

It comes as no surprise that many caravan and motorhome owners are also pet owners. Homestead Caravans is a pet friendly company - we offer pet friendly holidays at our Homestead Lake Touring Park and pets are permitted into our Accessory Superstore. Check out our brand new range of pet accessories in-store or online including exclusive products from the official Crufts range, all at very affordable prices.

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Motorhome & Caravan Covers

Caravan Covers at Homestead Caravans

Many caravans spend their life in outdoor storage, at Homestead Caravans we have a large range of caravan covers for sale, available in different lengths and width's to keep your pride and joy like new, so you can enjoy it for many year's to come as wel...l as helping to maintain your caravans resale value.

Our caravan covers are very easy to fit which makes them practical for short term use, as well as for longer winter storage.

With one of the largest caravan accessory shops in the UK you can be sure that our Caravan Covers are offered at really keen & affordable prices.

Leading Brand Breathable Caravan Covers

We spend a lot of time checking out the different makes of universal caravan covers, dismissing the covers of dubious quality or unbranded. From a photograph one cover can look very like another, but of course nothing could be further from the truth. Our branded caravan covers are market leaders and offer terrific value for money and excellent protection as well as ensuring peace of mind and a long product life. Our range includes the Kampa and the renowned Maypole Classic & Premium caravan covers. Both these caravanning brands also produce a wide range of caravan accessories that are widely used across the UK and Europe.

Benefits of Fitting a Caravan Cover

Our caravan covers provide maximum protection from the elements and provide a protective layer for the bodywork of the caravan. The various heavy duty layers are UV resistant to reflect the sun's harmful rays, breathable which allows for moisture to evaporate, yet prevents rainfall from penetrating with the inner layer being soft and non-abrasive to prevent scratching or rubbing of the paintwork.

Caravan Covers protect your caravan from the outdoor elements when on site or in storage, to protect against rain & wind, snow & ice, bird lime, leaves and tree sap, mould, mildew & algae. During the summer month's these caravan covers protect against UV rays, & airborne pollutants as well as heat built up. These universal caravan covers also protects against fading decals, dull paintwork, plastic & rubber seal degradation, fading upholstery, dirty streak marks and more.

Universal Caravan Covers are Easy to Fit

With zips placed in various locations, elasticated hem and adjustable straps to pull the cover around your caravan to then secure, make these covers as easy to fit as a bespoke tailored caravan cover, whilst offering better value. The Kampa & Maypole caravan covers also allow for any extra accessories that maybe fitted such as TV aerials, satellite dishes, solar panels or indeed any additional accessories that are not part of the original caravan specification. It is a good ideal to retract any aerials, and unscrew that Status aerial pinnacle if applicable and perhaps cover roof flue outlets and any sharp edges before you fit the cover.

With universal caravan covers you can protect your Swift, Sprite, Bailey, Eldiss, Lunar, Coachman etc., whatever your caravan make & model it is.

How to Choose the Correct Caravan Cover Size

To measure your caravan, simply measure from the rearmost point of the caravan body work to the nose of the caravan where it meets the A-Frame. Do not include the A-Frame in the measurement. It would also be worth just checking the width of your caravan as some makes of caravan covers have different widths, to make sure that the caravan cover will fit.

Cleaning your Caravan before Fitting a Caravan Cover

It is very important that you give your caravan a thorough clean and dry off before covering up your caravan for the winter. This is because any grit and fine dirt that collects over the season which might not be easily visible, acts as an abrasive when trapped between the caravan bodywork and even the softest fabric, moving in the breeze. Also when uncovering for the new season your caravan is in pristine condition and ready to go.

There are a number of specially formulated caravan cleaning solutions such as Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner used with Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler or Fenwicks Overwintering or the Mer range of cleaning products that are designed to ensure your caravan is clean and protected from damage.
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Kampa Prestige Universal Caravan Covers
With 8 years of proven quality & the added benefit of lower prices
In Stock
From £99.99
Maypole Breathable Motorhome Covers Grey - Up to 7.5m
RV Winter Covers made from heavy duty 4-ply non-woven polypropylene fabric
In Stock
From £166.99
Maypole Camper Van Cover Grey - Ducato/Boxer/Jumper
High quality cover for Fiat Ducato, CitroŽn Jumper & Peugeot Boxer
In Stock
From £136.99
Maypole Caravan Roof Top Covers
Superior waterproof protection cover for your caravan roof
In Stock
From £66.99
Maypole Large 4 Ply Breathable Hitch Cover
Designed to cover complete A-frame, protecting electrical plugs & hitch lock
In Stock
From £12.99
Maypole Premium Breathable Caravan Covers with FREE Hitch Cover
We challenge you to find a better non-bespoke Caravan Covers at this price!
In Stock
From £124.99
Maypole Waterproof Motorhome Top Covers
Superior protection for your motorhome roof to protect against the elements
In Stock
From £109.99
Royal Easy Fit Caravan Universal Front Cover
4 Layer Protection with soft protective inner and strong outer layer, fits caravans up to 250cm in width
In Stock
From £89.99
Tow Pro Universal Towing Protector
The ideal solution to protect the front of your caravan
In Stock
From £199.99
Kampa Dometic Motorhome Wheel Cover
Prevents the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays causing tyre degradation
In Stock
From £13.99
Maypole Campervan Cover VW T2 Grey
High quality storage cover suitable for winter and all year long use
In Stock
From £104.99
Maypole Caravan Wheel Cover
To protect tyres when parked
In Stock
From £7.99
Maypole Storage Cover For VW Campervan T6, T5, T4, T3/T25
Winter Cover for Volkswagen Camper Vans - suitable for all year round use!
In Stock
From £107.99