Awnings & Accessories

The Homestead Caravans Kampa Awning Showroom was officially opened in 2016 to showcase Europe's most popular collection of Caravan Awnings. The new showroom gives our customers a unique opportunity to view the latest designs of Inflatable and Poled Awnings under one roof inside our 15,000 square foot showroom.

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Camping & Outdoor

We are proud of our association with Lafuma, as a UK Supplier of Lafuma Furniture for more than 20-years. It's not hyperbole to say, we cannot recommend Lafuma enough. We have carefully chosen our Lafuma range to best suit our customer requirements. Look out for new Taupe, Graphite and Lac colour options in 2019.

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Caravan & Motorhome

We have chosen 8 models across the Swift Select and Swift Escape ranges designed to give a wide range of model options and equipment. The Select van conversion range offers a greater level of customisation, while the Swift Escape continues to be one of the UKs best selling single motorhome ranges. As things progress we'll be offering a range of quality pre-owned motorhomes. Call 01255-830-229 for more information.

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Motoring & Travel

The nights are drawing in and the weather is cooling; whether you're a winter caravanner or put your vehicle into storage for winter, there are a few essential items available to help you get prepared and protect your investment. With this is mind, we put together a selection of our Winter Care products.

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Parts & Maintenance

If you're about to embrak on a caravan or motorhome DIY project and are in need of some supplies to help the job along, check out our Tools and Consumables category first. While your thinkg DIY, we'd like to remind you that our purpose built, 8 bay workshop is ready to help you resolve any issues you may have. Give us a call if we can help and to book your next carvan service.

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Towing & Trailer

Homestead Caravans holds in stock a wide range of essential electrical equipment for Towing and Trailers at very competitive prices. From basic 12N and 12S plugs to complete pre-wired wiring kits and an array of extension and adapter leads.

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Home Leisure

It comes as no surprise that many caravan and motorhome owners are also pet owners. Homestead Caravans is a pet friendly company - we offer pet friendly holidays at our Homestead Lake Touring Park and pets are permitted into our Accessory Superstore. Check out our brand new range of pet accessories in-store or online including exclusive products from the official Crufts range, all at very affordable prices.

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Solar Panels

Solar Power for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camping & Outdoors

In a world where the need for alternative energy sources are becoming ever more apparent, the benefits of Solar Power are no longer confined to homes and big business. Solar Panels for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camping and a multitud...e of outdoor activities are now readily available from caravan accessory shops nationwide.

The obvious benefits Solar Power brings to the leisure industry cannot be overstated. Not only does Solar Energy reduce carbon emissions but it also has the potential to deliver absolute energy independence, something previously thought impossible.

Once upon a time leisure products that made use of Solar energy were largely considered to be well, a bit of a gimmick. However, this attitude has changed considerably and there are now a plethora of useful and practical Solar Powered products on the market, suitable for caravans, camping, boats, motorhomes, trucks and many more besides.

Greater consumer awareness of the benefits of Solar Energy and associated technologies has lead to an increase in sales, which has helped to push down retail prices, as the cost of producing Solar Panels has declined.

Benefits of Solar Power for Caravans

Solar Power is a renewable and sustainable energy resource. Solar cells are totally silent. They extract energy from the sun and daylight without making any noise. Solar energy is completely clean and non-polluting, which means no harmful elements are released into the environment. Solar panels require very little maintenance; they have no moving parts that need to be fixed and so last a long time. Become power independent. Solar panels are a great way to use sustainable, natural resources to create energy. One way we can all help the environment.

Solar Panel Kits for all at Homestead Caravans

As you can see, there are many benefits of solar energy, particularly in the outdoor leisure market. At Homestead Caravans we stock a wide range of solar panels to suit a variety of uses from charging your mobile devices, powering a laptop commuter while on the go to protecting and maintaining your caravan or motorhome leisure battery, also your vehicle battery, to the freedom of powering your electrical appliances away from the electrical hook up.

Enjoy maximum power convenience on the road with power generation and power processing from one source with the superb range of premium quality solar panels from Truma SolarSets to the very affordable PV Logic Solar Panels, these rooftop kits are supplied in user friendly kits for retro fit and include very concise step by step instructions. These high build quality solar panels are permanently mounted to the roof of the leisure vehicle and are available in a range of power classes from 20W to 150W, providing enough electricity to run devices such as, lighting, water pumps and televisions.

The Vision Plus Solar 40 Master Panel and Solar 40 Add On is designed as an expandable system. First fit the 40W Master Panel and if you need more generating capacity, simply connect a 40W Add-On Panel. This system can be extended to a total of four panels – a capacity of 160 Watts. One of the most compact systems available that is easy to install with no special tools required.

If you do not wish to have a permanently fitted solar panel then the latest PV Logic Fold-up Solar panels by Solar Technology could be for you. Each panel has its own fold away integrated stand, charge controller and battery connectors, so all you need to do is open it up, stand it up and connect to your battery for instant power.

The Portable Fold-up solar panel is a premium quality crystalline twin solar panel system in a corrosion resistant tough aluminium frame that neatly folds into a briefcase style and is supplied with a quality padded carry bag for easy carrying and storage. Available in 40W, 60W & 90W power classes, these solar panels are perfect for anyone looking for a highly portable system that is quick and easy to use.

The Ring Solar Powered Battery Maintainers 1.5W, 2.4W & 6.0W are perfect to keep you battery levels topped up and are designed for vehicle and leisure batteries. These Solar battery maintainers also protect against battery discharge and electronic discharge and are reverse polarity protected. These maintainers can be simply placed in your vehicle window; the larger model can be permanently fitted if required and are ideal when your caravan or motorhome are in storage.

The Ventura 28W solar panels are a great way to keep your electrical devices in power whilst on your holiday trips. It also features the ability to fold for easier transporting, PET lamination for a longer lifespan and mono crystalline panels. Perfect to keep your mobile phone, tablet, camera or navigational device charged whilst in the outdoors.

Truma and Solar Technology Partners

Homestead Caravans are Truma Partners and Solar Technology Premier Dealers and are able to offer a professional fitting service of the SolarSets and PV Logic Solar panel Rooftop Kits in our state-of-the-art caravan workshops.

Call 01255-830-229 for more details or to book an installation.
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100 Watt Solar Panel Kit with 10Ah Charge Controller
The solar panel is supplied with all the necessary cable, connectors, & detailed instructions
Out Of Stock
From £335.00
80 Watt Solar Panel Kit with 10Ah Charge Controller
Perfect for boat trips, extended caravan touring & for permanent fitting
In Stock
From £295.00
Caravan Briefcase Solar Panel Charger 28 Watt
Powerful Crystalline Folding Solar Panel for charging the Caravan Leisure Battery
In Stock
From £129.99
EP Solar Remote Meter Display MT50 for 10A Solar Charge Controller
Allows you to set up & monitor your solar power comings & goings
In Stock
From £36.99
Logic PV Portable Foldup Solar Panel 40 Watt
Complete with everything needed for safe charging of 12v batteries
In Stock
From £179.99
PV Logic Foldup Solar Panel 90 Watt
All you need to do is open it up, stand it up & connect it to your battery for instant power
Out Of Stock
From £249.99
PV Logic Portable Foldup Solar Panel 60 Watt
A premium crystalline twin solar panel system that neatly folds into briefcase style
Out Of Stock
From £239.99
Ventura SPV280 28W 8 Panel Solar Pack
Delivers instant high speed charge for your smart phone, tablet or laptop
In Stock
From £129.99
Ring 1.5w Solar Power Battery Maintainer
A great product to keep your battery levels topped up
In Stock
From £21.99
Ring 2.4 w Solar Power Battery Maintainer
Ideal for when your caravan or motorhome are in storage
In Stock
From £32.99
Ring 6.0w Solar Power Battery Maintainer
Protects against natural battery discharge and electronic drain
In Stock
From £64.99