FREE Tall Annexe or Conservatory WORTH 299.99 with every Kampa Classic AIR Expert 300 / 380 Inflatable Caravan Awning



Here's an extraordinary opportunity to SAVE a great deal of MONEY provided by none other than Europe's favourite manufacturer of Inflatable Caravan Awnings – KAMPA. In case you missed it here it is:

All purchases of Kampa Classic AIR Expert 300 and Kampa Classic AIR Expert 380 will receive a FREE Tall Annexe or Conservatory through the month of June 2017. You can CHOOSE your FREE accessory while stocks last.

Kampa Classic AIR Expert 300 & Kampa Classic AIR Expert 380

The Kampa Classic AIR Expert 300 and Classic AIR Expert 380 are brand new models for 2017 and like all Kampa AIR awnings are inflated from just one inflation point, making them very easy and quick to set up, as well as take down.

Kampa's design team was tasked to develop and produce an inflatable AIR awning that allowed for a more comfortable climate inside the awning and with less risk of condensation than other inflatable models, together with a more traditional design and able to fit a tall annexe.

The result was the inflatable awning that doesn't look like an inflatable awning! Don't be deceived by it's stylish inconspicuous good looks which borrows from traditional 'Danish' awning designs. The Kampa Classic AIR Expert models showcases Kampa's latest Weathershield Expert materials, new for 2017 and used on the roof and walls. This very waterproof and resistant to fading material is breathable which means it allows the air to pass through the material carrying moisture to the outside world. Thus ensuring a more comfortable climate inside the awning, with far less risk of condensation forming. All seams are sewn with waterproof thread, eliminating the need of additional taping.

The Classic AIR also features a small front canopy to help keep water away from the awning front panels when running down off the roof, this is supported by a lightweight aluminium frame that takes seconds to set up. The wall material also has a lovely textured feel to it and is extremely durable.

The Classic AIR Expert range is unique in that they are the only inflatable AIR awnings able to accept a Tall Annexe, in fact Kampa came up with not one but 2 tall annexes.

Tall Annexe with Inner Tent offering large standing room & is supplied complete with a removable 2-Berth Inner Tent. The zip on Tall annexe has a single air beam which makes inflation very quick indeed and for total convenience can be installed on both sides of the awning. The Classic Tall Annexe is manufactured in matching materials and comes with a rear zip, roll back door entrance, with translucent window. If not using the inner tent there is also a clip in dividing wall included.

Conservatory Annexe featuring crystal clear windows with curtains on easy run track and overhead skylight windows, allowing maximum penetration of light during the day & a great view of the stars at night. It is the ideal place to relax & settle down with a book or glass of wine on days when it's not warm enough to sit outside, or as additional storage space. Manufactured from matching materials this excellent annexe also features a zip open and roll back door entrance and is supplied with a clip in dividing wall.

The Kampa Classic AIR Expert 300/380 also has the same features and range of optional extras as the other ranges of Kampa inflatable AIR Awnings.


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