Truma goes ‘green’ for 2016


Truma Solar Power for Caravans - a recent study conducted at The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2016, found that 36% of leisure vehicle owners, were intending to make Solar Panels their main purchase during 2016.

As the technologies associated with Solar energy have improved and become more accessible, significant reductions in the retail cost of purchasing Solar equipment has occurred. Simultaneously, the doom and gloom narrative of the pro global warming lobbyists and political establishment, has received a great deal of attention in the media, which has lead to a populist shift in consciousness and greater demand.

With that said, Solar Power technology has been magnanimously adopted by a growing list of industries, including the leisure industry, which has lead to the development of many new and innovative products.

The mobile and autonomous nature of outdoor lifestyles, is about a good a case for the adoption of Solar Power as can be made. The list of legitimate applications for Solar energy is ever expanding and includes the welcome intrusion into camping, caravan, motorhome and marine.

Truma goes ‘green’ for 2016

One of our favourite Truma Solar Power products for caravans and motorhomes is the popular Truma SolarSet range of mobile Solar Power Systems. Truma is a very well established, family managed and owned company, located in Germany, with a reputation for producing precision engineered, high quality products for the global leisure market.

In keeping with Truma's commitment to the environment and energy conservation, the company published the following news release, which highlights some of the innovative ways the company is adopting Solar Power for it's own energy requirements:

Successful certification of the environment and energy management systems.

At the end of 2015 Truma was awarded certificates for its professional environment and energy management systems pursuant to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. The objective of the environment and energy management systems is to cut consumption of power, gas and fuel in the company and also to reduce CO2 emissions, waste, hazardous substances and waste water.

“By implementing a continuous improvement process, we want to make a contribution to protecting the environment and the climate, whilst at the same time improving efficiency” explains Christian von Sassen, head of the company organisation at Truma. “This not only involves manufacturing durable, reliable and energy-efficient products, but also concentrates on sustainability in all company activities, for instance the development and production of our equipment.

Solar energy and rainwater cisterns

The best example: Truma generates ‘green power’ with solar energy, thereby covering approximately 25% of its total electricity needs. Also, Truma treats its waste water and operates two rainwater cisterns, which supply 55,000 litres of rainwater annually for the company’s sanitary facilities.

And this is just the beginning “Our goal is to further reduce our CO2 emissions by 20% over the next five years”, says von Sassen. “ As an innovative manufacturer of accessories we want to set standards in terms of environment protection and energy efficiency. This is an important goal for Truma and an integral part of our corporate culture”, emphasizes managing director Frank Oster.

Truma SolarSet Solar Power Systems

Truma SolarSet is a roof mounted, Solar Power system that is available in 4 different sizes, generating 23W, 65W, 100W and 150 Watts respectively. Each Solar panel is made using Mono-crystalline solar cells that produce the highest output per unit area. Battery charging is achieved without causing stress to the battery and each unit is reverse polarity protected.


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