Presenting Two Very Satisfied Customers & 2016 Easter Bunny Hunt Winners!


This years in-store Easter festivities at Homestead Caravans made an impression on two very special customers. So much so they couldn't contain their eggscitement, and had to write in to let us know...

For those who may have missed out on the festivities at Homestead Caravans this Easter, I can only pray your children never get to find out!

Easter Friday began just like any other 'amazing day' at the UK's largest dedicated Caravan superstore, with thousands of outdoor products at prices that frequently leave the competition crying into their (over priced) camping pillows at bedtime. Okay, that's a little white lie, it was actually more exciting than usual.

You see, to celebrate Easter and create a bit of a chocolat buzz in-store, the Accessory Shop gang decided it would be a great idea to keep younger visitor's to the store entertained by holding an Easter Bunny Hunt competition and giving away edible treats including fruit.

Gulp, did someone say fruit!

Yes, I know kids - cruel isn't it. How would Mum and Dad like to be invited to a cocktail party only to find the punch bowl has no punch and the cocktails have all been replaced with vegetable shakes! I'd suggest you have a word with the Managing Director on your next visit, it was his idea after all. Easter fruit, who would ever...

For those who didn't make it in-store here follows an excerpt from this Easter Holidays promotional article, entitled: Win an Easter Egg in the Homestead Caravans 'Eggstravaganza' Easter Bunny Hunt.

Kids listen up! Homestead Caravans is hosting an Easter Bunny Hunt Competition from the 25-28th March. All you have to do is find as many Easter Bunnies strategically placed around the shop as you can and put your name in the Bunny Hat. *Winners will receive a a FREE Easter Egg!

Meet Emily and Samuel - Easter Bunny Hunt Competition Winners

Well we think the Easter weekend went smashing but to be honest, we think Amanda, Emily and Samuel's Mum sums it up much, much better:

Emily and Samuel with their winning Easter eggs, sitting in the chairs they bought from you, with their pocket own pocket money!

They were incredibly excited to have bought the chairs and to take part in an Easter egg hunt at the same time, so to actually win Easter eggs as well was an incredible bonus!

Thank you for making our shopping trip for supplies a great experience for our children too.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Amanda H.


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