2017 Tendring Hundred Show Prize Draw Winners


As promised the 2017 102nd Tendring Hundred Show was a great success and extremely entertaining for visitors and local businesses alike. It wouldn't have been possible without the help and support of a large team of volunteers, who devoted a great deal of time and effort to organising and setting-up the annual event.

The Tendring Hundred Show provides a unique opportunity to bump into many familiar faces and connect with many more, who may be less familiar with the growing list of products and services our company currently offers.

In addition to running some exclusives Tendring Show offers, visitors to our trade stand also had the opportunity to take part in our Tendring Hundred Prize Draw.

Homestead Caravans Tendring Hundred Show Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations to 1st Prize Winner Mr Trevor Burdett who won an Outback Kettle BBQ. Mr Burdett told us how the BBQ would make a very welcome addition to his local beach hut.

Secod prize winner Mrs Christine Calton won a pair of Quest Elite Comfort Plus Chairs and was extremely happy to have been chosen. She remarked, “I never win anything” and then explained how during the Tendring Show, she had loaned a friend enough currency to purchase a couple of Kampa Tub Chairs from our trade stand.

It would appear that one good turn really does deserve another!


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