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Waeco CoolPower Y-50 AC/DC Mains Adapator
Waeco CoolPower Y-50 AC/DC Mains Adapator
Suitable for use with thermoelectric coolers

Waeco CoolPower Y-50 AC/DC Mains Adaptor has a compact design and stylish finish. This is suitable for use with thermoelectric coolboxes. It can also be used with various other 12 volt DC operating voltage...

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Waeco - Refrigeration & Cooling for Caravan, Boat & the Outdoors

In the early seventies it was virtually impossible on board a yacht or boat to keep food and beverages fresh for a longer time. In 1974 two brothers, Theodor and Peter Wahning, had an ingenious idea, they created the first battery powered refrigerator – and that was the birth of Waeco.

To solve the problem of mobile cooling, the two founders designed a refrigerator with a hermetic cooling circuit, driven by a compressor and powered by a battery. A sensation at the time, the benefits of their invention are now widely taken for granted by the mobile community. The first mobile fridge paved the way to what is now the world's most varied range of mobile refrigeration products for private and professional use.

Waeco has lead the way in this industry for over 30 years now, setting new standards in terms of quality and functionality time and again. There are many products to prove this point, designer mini fridges with cult potential, wine climatisers for perfect mobile enjoyment, powerful coolers that can be operated from various energy sources and last but not least Waeco's legendary compressor refrigerators and cooling unit series. Quality and variety, combined with a comprehensive service offer, have won the company an excellent reputation. The customer base includes end-users as well as renowned manufacturers of cars, trucks, motorhomes and yachts who appreciate Waeco as a competent partner for custom design and series production.

With growth and diversification global expansion progressed at breath taking pace. In March 2007 the Waeco Group was bought by the Swedish Dometic Group as a natural next step in securing the best ownership for the growing family-owned business. Dometic and Waeco is truly a perfect combination as together they can provide a more complete selection of comfort products to the global leisure market.

Dometic has long been a worldwide leading manufacturer of absorption refrigerators, kitchen equipment, windows, doors, sanitation and convenience devices for the recreational vehicle and marine markets. Its customer base includes manufacturers of motorhomes, caravans, camper vans and leisure boats.

For several years Homestead Caravans have been an appointed Dometic & Waeco Cool Centre and are proud to be associated with these renowned brands of which we hold a large selection of their products.

The Waeco Tropicool TC 14FL , Tropicool TC 21FL and Tropicool TC 35FL offer high quality with versatility. The coolers feature an intelligent power-save circuitry and the individually adjusted temperature is shown on an LED display. If desired the Tropicool can also take care of keeping food warm – activating the heating function supplies temperatures up to + 65 degrees C. These thermoelectric coolers with TC special electronics are designed to run from 12v DC & 230v AC.

The Waeco Coolfreeze CDF portable cooler & freezer series such as the Waeco Coolfreeze CDF 18 and Coolfreeze CDF 25 designed to run from 12/24v DC are lightweight and easy to use. Shoulder strap, carrying handles or grips make them ready for any location. Storage won't ever be a problem either, the super slim coolers fit any niche perfectly. In terms of performance the Coolfreeze CDF range offers refrigeration and deep freezing up to – 18 degrees C with minimal power consumption, regardless of the outside temperature.

Waeco also produce a passive range of cool boxes with extra strong insulation. High outside temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud? The indestructible Waeco iceboxes will take this in their stride. The Cool-Ice boxes are equipped with extremely effective insulation, and once the cool packs or ice cubes have been placed inside, they will keep groceries, fish, bait and wild game fresh. Depending on use and weather conditions, even for several days at a time! Another number that speaks volumes: a 5 year guarantee! Ultimately, every single detail of the boxes, made from impact-resistant and seamless plastic, is designed for the toughest conditions. There are several models available from the Cool-Ice WCI-13, Cool-Ice WCI-22 to the Cool-ICE WCI-42, WCI-55 & WCI-70 offering a wide range of storage capacities.

The Waeco MobiCool range of inexpensive coolers, provides outdoors enthusiasts the freedom they need to keep food and beverages at an optimal temperature. Thermoelectric coolers offer capacities from 26 to 48 litres for home and holiday, work and shopping. The MobiCool U26 12v electric cool box is a really smart and well designed cooler that is perfect for picnics and travelling, the U32 MobilCool is a 12v & 230v cool box that is stylish, easy to carry, cost effective and reliable. The MobiCool W35 DC/AC electric portable cooler can be used either as a chest cooler or upright cooler the MobiCool W48 DC/AC cooler with smooth running wheels is ideal for group outings or gatherings. The MobiCool Q40 is a fabulous retro style 12v/230v cool box with a robust aluminium casing.

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