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Banner "Running Bull" 90/110Ah AGM Battery
Banner "Running Bull" 90/110Ah AGM Battery
The most dependable leisure battery for caravan, camping & motorhome

Manufactured in Austria to very high standards Banner batteries are currently one of the best selling brands in the UK. AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are manufactured in a different way to...

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Banner 12v Leisure Batteries for Caravan & Motorhome

Advancements in caravan electrics as well as popular accessories such as electric caravan motor movers, solar panels and other on board equipment have placed an increasing demand on caravan batteries. So the choice of leisure battery for your caravan or motorhome is an extremely important decision to make to ensure that it can perform the tasks asked of it.

For anyone who really depends on their batteries we believe that the Banner Range is amongst the very best batteries you can get. Manufactured in Austria for over 70 years to very high standards, recent tests have proved the Banner range to be the most accurate and EU compliant. When tested against other brands such as Numax and Varta, the Banner range had the best composition, structure and accurate Ah reading. The Banner Batteries are ideal for high power demands and customers looking for EN50342 compliant batteries.

Banner Batteries are a constructed to a very high standard with thicker plates, more lead, more acid, special envelope separators, mass composition, robust mesh to ensure maximum cyclic resistance and advanced construction methods.

Banner batteries are one of the best value for money true performing leisure batteries and sold under the manufacturers name unlike many brand labelled products that have been sourced anywhere in the world. Banner batteries are European Manufactured and not a Chinese import with a battery distributors own label stuck on them.

Banner is also an original equipment manufacturer of engine starter batteries supplying several leading auto manufacturers including BMW, VW, Volvo, Chrysler and Mitsubishi. Banner is also a leading OEM supplier to motorhome manufacturers like Bailey, Hymer, LMC, Rapido and Chausson.

We stock two ranges of Banner batteries that are fully charged and ready to fit;

Banner “Energy Bull” Leisure Battery

Lead/Acid with 3 Years Warranty. We have four different batteries in this Maintenance Friendly range.

Model Amp Hour Dimensions (mm)
95501 60/70Ah 242L x 175W x 190H
95551 72/85Ah 256L x 174W x 225H
95751 100/110Ah 354L x 175W x 190H
95901 115/135Ah 354L x 175W x 190H


Banner “Running Bull” AGM Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat with 3 Years Warranty.

AGM batteries are manufactured in a different way to lead acid batteries. Thin glass fibres are woven in to a mat and placed between the battery cells, increasing the surface area and holding electrolyte against them.

The construction ensures that the battery is:

  • Up to 3 times more resilient when charging and discharging.
  • They are totally sealed against any type of leak.
  • Maximum performance due to very low internal resistance (making this an ideal battery for use with solar panels).
  • Maintenance Free – The fluid never needs to be checked.
  • They can be mounted in a lateral position up to a maximum of 90 degrees.
  • They can be mounted anywhere in your caravan, motorhome or boat as they do not give off fumes.
  • They do not need to be in a sealed box vented to the outside.
  • When left unattended an AGM battery will discharge at a much lower rate than a lead/acid battery.
  • AGM batteries can also withstand vibration and knocks much better than lead/acid batteries.
  • Can be used with products where high power demand is required on a regular basis.

We have two models in this Maintenance Free range.

Model Amp Hour Dimensions (mm)
58001 80/90Ah 315L x 175W x 190H
59201 90/110Ah 354L x 175W x 190H


These batteries would be great for users that like extended periods without electric hook up, wild camping, live onboard use and large power hungry installations.

If you are looking for a Banner Leisure Batteries but not sure which product you require or need help selecting the right one at Homestead caravans we’re always on hand to help.

All our Banner Batteries are for collection only and are charged and ready to fit.

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